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Join Senior Living On Location as we get revved with the high speed thrills of senior automotive racing enthusiasts, meet a man who has defied disability in his pursuit of golden dreams, introduce you to a woman with a special passion for feathery friends, and have a barrel of laughs with an ensemble of senior show stoppers. (Episode Seven)

Segment 1: In the Fast Lane

The Old Time Racers Association (OTRA) is a group of automotive racing enthusiasts that restore cars (originally built from between 1928 and 1939) and converts them into racecars. To date the group is the longest continually running class on Vancouver Island and there are a number of seniors who lead the pack.

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Segment 2: A Life of Gold

Daniel Westley’s life is an unbelievable story of triumph over life circumstances. Disabled as a teenager, Daniel’s passion to succeed has driven him to become a medal winning paralympian, a superior athlete, a community mentor, a talented sculptor and a dedicated husband and father.

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Segment 3: The Vaudevillians

The Vaudevillians are a performing arts all seniors group that whose main purpose is to raise funds to support young people in the performing arts. Providing fast paced, family friendly entertainment The Vaudevillians cast ranges in ages from 63 to 90 years.

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Segment 4: Birds of a Feather

Wendy Huntbatch runs the World Parrot Refuge, one of North America’s largest refuges for unwanted pet birds. Wendy specializes in rehabilitating parrots by giving them lots of love, a good diet, toys to help them learn to play, and above all… enough space to move about a feel a sense of freedom.

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