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Episode One documents the benefits of laughing yoga, the amusing talents of Fizzlepop (aka Al Greenwood), the growing sports of Dragon Boat Racing, and the joys of falling in love with ballroom dancing. For more information on each program, business or individual, see below. 

Segment: Laughter Yoga

Subject: Gene Furbee -

Pearkes Recreation Centre - (250) 475-5400
3100 Tillicum Rd, Victoria BC V9A 6T2

West Side Yoga - (250) 721-9642
#103-1249 Esquimalt Road, Victoria BC V9A 3P2 

Websites: Laughter Heals | Laughter Yoga | Laughter Yoga Canada
Article Link:
Get the Giggles 

A new wave of therapeutic exercise known as Laughter Yoga is becoming a popular form of health and wellness for all ages. More and more seniors are also discovering Laughter Yoga as a fun way to socialize and improve their overall mental and physical health. Laughter Yoga is a series of movements and breathing exercises designed to stimulate laughter and cultivate an inner spirit of joy. Laughter is stimulated without relying on jokes. 

Laughter is the best medicine. Healing properties of laughter include a boost of the immune system, decreased blood pressure, reduced muscular tension, improved breathing and stimulated digesting. Laughter dispels loneliness and alienation. 

Gene Furbee, 70, teaches laughter yoga. He discovered it, after his wife had a stroke and during a walk they stumbled upon a Laughter Yoga class happening in Beacon Hill Park. After participating in the class, his wife said "You have to learn how to teach this." He, then, embarked on becoming a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. 

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Segment: Reflections of Red

Subject: Al Greenwood

Email: |

Al Greenwood is a clown that entertains children as Fizzlepop and entertains adults with his impression of Red Skelton. He has 30+ years of experience entertaining as a clown and professional actor (stage and film) across Canada and internationally.

In 2005, feeling there was a need for seniors to have more comic entertainment, Al decided to put together a show primarily with seniors in mind and started doing impersonations of Red Skelton. In addition to imitating Red's most loved characters such as Freddie the Freeloader, Gertrude and Heathcliff, the two cross-eyed seagulls, and Clem Kadiddlehopper, Al gives his audience a glimpse of Red's life. Each performance ranges from Vaudeville to television and includes short stories, books, original music scores and a slide show of Red's clown painting for which he was famous.

For Al, this story is really about clowning and the power of laughter. he has been making people laugh for over 30 years. Laughter is a powerful tool in the health and wellness of both children and seniors. Al has made it his life passion to bring laughter to both groups. Al will be performing as Red Skelton at this year's Senior Expo - March 6th 2012. Don't miss him!

For more about Al and his personalities:
Fizzlepop | Tribute to Red | Reflections of Red Article

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Segment: Armed with a Paddle

Subject: GO Rowing & Paddling Association of Canada


Go Rowing & Paddling Association of Canada
#115-2940 Jutland Road, Victoria BC V8T 5K6 


Go Rowing & Paddling Association of Canada

Dragon Boat racing has grown to become a sport for all ages and seniors are finding it to be an excellent sport to get involved in for exercise and socializing. Introduced in 2007 to the BC Senior Games as a demonstration sport, Dragon Boat racing is now the largest sport in the BC Senior Games. 

The GO Rowing & Paddling Association of Canada, located on the Victoria Gorge Waterway, helps to organize and manage Dragon Boating both locally and in BC. They have been supportive in pulling together two exclusively 50+ Dragon Boat teams. The all women's team is called Gorge-Us-Gals and the mixed is the Amazing Greys. Each team is made up of 20+ paddlers. 

Dragon Boating for these seniors is a fantastic way to stay fit and active and make friends with other active seniors. Dragon Boat teams practice twice a week, and participate/compete in a number of racing festivals each year. While Dragon Boating for these seniors is a leisure activity, it, as an activity, can be very competitive. 

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Segment: Victoria Ballroom Dance Society

Subject: Victoria Ballroom Dance Society


Saanich Commonwealth Place | Dance Studio
4636 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria BC V8Z 5M1

Phone Number: 250-475-7600 

Website: Victoria Ballroom Dance Society
Article Link:
Romance on the Dance Floor

There are a number of amazing seniors actively dancing, teaching and competing with the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society. Two particular seniors are in the late 60's and mid 70's and are founding members of the VBDS. When facing retirement, the couple worked to become certified ballroom dance instructors.

They have and continue to dance in a number of different capacities, for fun, in competition and as instructors. This couple is symbolic of a couple that has danced in some capacity their entire lives, and have decided as they age to continue to dance, to ramp up their involvement and to help others learn how. 

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