For the Love of It

Learn more about RV Travel on dime, have a chuckle and find out how life is a riot for BC entertainer Bill Reiter, explore why lawn bowling is such a delightful sport for seniors, and discover how one woman turned her passion for gardening into a thriving business.(Episode Nine)

Segment 1: Dream Big Entrepreneurs

Barb and Dave Rees are an ambitious senior couple who have not let money inhibit their dreams of traveling in their retirement years. Packing up their RV and selling their wares along the road this couple proves that you don’t need to be rich to travel. You just need big dreams, a lot of faith and a little luck.

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Segment 2: Sporting Community

At the Pacific Indoors Bowls Club (in Vancouver) sport and socializing combine to create a dynamic atmosphere of fun and wellness. Lawn Bowling is a great place to meet people, enjoy competition, participate in social events, get-together and most importantly to have fun.

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Segment 3: Having A Riot

Nearly 70, Bill Reiter is trying to retire from his extensive career in the Canadian and BC entertainment industry, so he can further pursue his passion – New World African Music. Under the name DJ ZigZag bill now hosts an online radio program and has become an avid user of computer technology to celebrate music and entertainment.

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Segment 4: Creativity, Soul and Self

Carrie Nelson shows us how she turned her passion for gardening into a thriving business at Silver Sage Nursery located near Shawnigan Lake.

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