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Join Senior Living On Location as we visit a community practicing the Renewal of Life, frolic with a retired pharmacist on an outdoor playground for seniors, visit a senior comedian who will tickle your funny bone, and introduce you to a senior who’s living out his rock star dreams. (Episode Five)

Segment 1: Renewal of Life at Providence

Farm Providence farm is a working organic farm dedicated to restoring the spirit and skills of those with physical, mental and emotional challenges. The farm provides innovative programs in Horticultural Therapy and vocational training.

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Production Note: There have been some minor changes at Providence Farm since we visited during the video recording of their story segment for Senior Living On Location. Please note that they no longer offer the Good Foodbox Program and their Farm Store is open weekdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. For current information about Providence Farm products and services please visit their website.

Segment 2: Changing Lives

Harry Caine is the mastermind behind Canada’s first outdoor Senior Wellness Park located in Tsawwassen’s Winskill Park. A retired pharmacist, Harry believes that by eating well and exercising regularly, that many seniors can significantly improve their overall health, at any age.

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Segment 3: Stage Presence

Marylee Stephenson is a force to be reckoned with. She is Vancouver’s only 68-year-old lesbian comic with a PhD.

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Segment 4: The Road Home

John Pippus is a musician who’s performing career has been booming since retiring from his job as a videotape editor. John’s eclectic style has been described as “acoustic soul-folk, rough and ready blues, with ballads, pop and new country intertwined.”

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