Hobby Diversion

Join us as we take you to a land where everybody loves the sights and sounds of the locomotive, meet up with a wood-loving bunch who whittle for the fun of it, dance the night away with some traditional Celtic moves and show you a little sleight of hand by a tricky man with a passion for magic. (Episode Eight)

Segment 1: Model Railroading

Model railroading clubs provide a fantastic opportunity for hobbyists of all ages to stay active in their community, share their knowledge and expertise for railway history, all while providing a fun social networking opportunity.

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Segment 2: A Time To Dance

Eileen Mackenzie is an active senior and an avid dancer, who takes advantages of the many different dance groups in the Vancouver area. Scottish Country Dancing is one such dance group that provides Eileen and its other members with a wonderful sense of community spirit.

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Segment 3: Working With Wood

The Ladner Woodworking Club began in 1976 with a grant from the federal government New Horizons program. A number of colorful senior characters make up the membership the club, which teaches the basics of woodworking to youth, and trains members on safety and woodworking techniques.

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Segment 4: Sleight of Hand

Ray Roch is 70 years old and has been practicing magic for over 40 years. His experience is rich and varied with performances in venues from private parties, cruise ships, trade shows, even fairs, festivals and rodeos. He specializes in close-up, strolling and table sleight-of-hand card and coin magic tricks.

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