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I am looking for part-time office work, as I cannot live on my pension and do not want to start using my RSPs yet.
Does anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? Leads?

Posted by: Elizabeth Godley | April 13th, 2010

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The Company where I worked collapsed and left me without a job at age 60 with no company pension, health insurance or vacation pay etc. and no possibility of getting regular work (as a Librarian), and still 5 years before my gold card, CPP or RSP. I found casual work at the library just stacking books and other clerical jobs; took care of an elderly lady as her pt paid companion; did baby sitting; chatted up my apartment manager and became the weekend relief manager in return for a $100 cut in my rent - whatever I could find, short of walking the streets. If you have a condo or house, sell it and invest the money and live on the interest plus your pension. If you rent and are low income, apply for a SAFER rent subsidy. If you have a big car, sell it and get a small one; if you find you do not really need one and can get by with buses, get an annual senior pass.Walk where and whenever you can - your body will thank you. If you are saving your money for your children's inheritance, remember this is YOUR time and that money is YOURS to live on not to pamper them. Budget, budget, budget. You will be surprised how much you can save that way. I am scraping by now on my pension, having gone through my savings and RSP, but boy am I happy!! I can sleep in any morning. No bosses, no stress, independence and friends galore with time to enjoy them and all that retirement brings. Elizabeth, enjoy each and every day. The years go by too quickly. Good luck to you. Remember - it's only money after all.

Posted by: cynthia | April 16th, 2010

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Thanks for sharing your story with me.
I have pretty well done everything you suggest. I haven't owned a car for years!
I can't seem to stop worrying about money, though. Any tips?

Posted by: Elizabeth Godley | May 7th, 2010

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I know what you mean; money can be a HUGE stressor. I don't have a lot either, but now that I am 65 I have enough that all my needs are met and even quite a few of my wants.

I had to 'retire' early because of a nasty car accident and w/o sufficient funds it was very, very difficult. I made a full-time 'career' of a job search, but nowhere could I find a salt mine with my name on it! There were few, if any, jobs available and on top of being past 60 (age discrimination, although illegal, is alive and well) I had committed the mortal sin of having had my own business (most employers are looking for R2T2 clones, not thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit!) My settlement for the accident was a 'life saver'.

If you're seeking office work, depending on where you live, you might consider temp work. You can work as much or as little as you wish. Not ideal for a career-builder, but for one who is just looking for income supplementation it might work. There are several reputable agencies around. Check the "Employment Paper"; an agency called "Angus One" always has an ad (they may be one of the paper's sponsors, I'm not sure) and they have a very good reputation. I worked for them for a few months when I came back down to the coast up until I had the accident and it worked fine, but after I no longer had a vehicle, I could no longer accept assignments. (I live in the Fraser Valley; if you're in Vancouver or nearby where there's good buses, access to Sky Train, etc. you'd be fine.)

Posted by: Tara | May 23rd, 2010

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