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Finding Love Online

By Robin Roberts on Mar 7, 2017

Seniors are increasingly drawn to online dating. There are sites especially for us, and among North American adults ages 55 to 64, online dating use has doubled since 2013 according to a Pew Research Center Survey. Read more...

Online Brain Melt Cures

Technology can seem like a bit of a mind numbing epidemic sweeping the youth. It's not hard to see how dependant people have become with the Internet and digital devices. All you have to do is look around at a crowded restaurant and count how many people are texting with their phones despite being surrounded by present company. People are increasingly living in both realities, virtual and physical and looking on from the outside, it can seem isolating and confusing. Facebook, blogs, eBay, Google... and what the heck is Twitter all about? Not only that, even when you go online, it's like a foreign language filled with 3 character words and limited vowels: LOL, BTW, OMG? Read more...

Social Media for Dummies

With the international success of social media websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter , etc.), being tapped into these networks can prove to be a goldmine of great exposure, viral marketing and a great way to build brand trust within your audience target. Because social media marketing is still a fairly new concept, many businesses are confused as to what to use it for- many are reluctant to try to implement it as a marketing tool and many have gone to the other extreme and have abused its power; both running the possibility to be detrimental to your brand and business. The following 5 tips are quick and easy, do-it-yourself tips on how to easily set-up, manage and control your social media. Read more...

How to Shop For Your First (Or Next) Computer

By David Pankhurst on Jan 1, 2011

Computer shopping can be a chore. The salesperson can show you products that give you premium power, but at a premium price, as well as pricey extras you may or may not need. So, if you're in the market for a computer, here's a look at what you do need, and what you don't. Read more...


By Patricia Morris on Dec 1, 2010

I didn't want to shop, but the Toshibas were dying. One had viruses that wouldn't heal; the other had keyboard letters that wouldn't work. The day I lost my "s," I hit the streets. Read more...

Beware of Email Scams

The internet presents opportunities for cyber-thieves to trick unsuspecting web users into giving them personal information (credit card numbers, bank account information, passwords, or other sensitive information). Train yourself to recognize these scams and protect your private information. Read more...

Seniors Jump Online

By Janet Nicol on Jul 8, 2010

When dinner is over at Audrey Jones home, she turns on the TV. But she also tunes in to her laptop - all evening long. Audrey is president of the seniors computer club at the Kent Street Activity Centre in White Rock, a large and dynamic group. Read more...

Computer Don't Do's

Don't turn your computer off without going through the correct steps. Don't give your computer too many commands at one time. And don't forget to save your work often! Read more...

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