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Mysterious British Columbia

Crimes never solved, eerie sightings never explained and paranormal events that stretch the limits of the mind – these mysteries continue to baffle British Columbians to this very day. Included are the stories of Ogopogo and (Caddy) Cadborosaurus; the legend of a missing camel; unexplained sightings of UFOs; how Christmas Hill came by its name; the death of a charismatic Doukhobor leader in a massive train explosion in 1924; the unexplained disappearance of Michael Dunahee 20 years ago and the Victoria murders of Molly Justice, Marguerite Telesford and Lindsay Buziak plus other unsolved murders from a century ago, to name but a few. This book is an eclectic mix of short stories for anyone who loves to lose themselves in a mystery.

Quagmire Press Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

Published 2011     247 Pages    5" x 8 1/2"    Softcover

$18.95 CAD

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