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A "Heritage" Gem

"The Happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything - they just make the best of what they have. Sandra and Larry Gray have certainly done so with this 20 year history of operating the Heritage House Bed & Breakfast in Victoria, British Columbia. A grand 100 year old home steeped in history from England to Japan.

Pipe smoking ghosts, a long time resident spirit, the mysterious shadow people, skeleton in the wall - it's all here in A "Heritage" Gem...The House That Captured the Innkeepers. Love, murder, mystery and intrigue - albeit in an unexpected fashion.

You will laugh and you may cry, but be assured you will enjoy the experience. A must-read for anyone who has ever stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, intends to stay at a Bed & Breakfast or believe they would like to run a Bed & Breakfast. If so, make no mistake, you need this book."

            Cricket Publishing, Victoria

Published 2011     274 pages     6" x 9"     Softcover

$16.95 CAD

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