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A Season of Non-Violence: 64 Ways for 64 Days

Pummy Kaur’s book supplies the readerwith sixty-four suggestions, which are intended to be contemplated, and implemented into their lives during the Season of Non-Violence. These sixty-four suggestions provide the reader with the means necessary to bring peace into their own lives. It is only when peace is realized in the individual that global peace can be realized.

Kaur’s words succinctly illustrate the adage that peace does not only refer to the absence of war. Rather, peace – positive peace – refers to a state in which relationships, institutions, and everyday actions and choices are filled with non-violent energy. Seen in this light, peace becomes the responsibility of the individual. In a day and age when the individual can feel disempowered in the face of atrocity, limitless technology, and seemingly unstoppable disasters, Kaur reminds us that we are agents of change – agents that can promote either positive or negative change.

Kaur demonstrates to us that through our everyday actions and choices we as individuals indirectly perpetuate war and oppression. Her forceful assertions may themselves seem combative, disrupting the image that we hold of ourselves as peaceful and peace-promoting individuals. But Kaur’s words can function as a challenge – a challenge for each of us to start taking responsibility for our actions.

Published 2011 142 pages      5 1/2"x 8"     Softcover

$16.00 CAD

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