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Embrace the Journey: A Care Giver's Story

The very personal story of the author’s own poignant journey as a care giver to her elderly parents over a period of almost six years until their deaths in 2005, peppered throughout with extracts from her Journal during those years. This is a story which will touch many hearts and be relevant for numerous adult children who, in mid-life, are faced with a similar challenge and must make agonizing decisions and choices. It painfully addresses the problems encountered of ‘aging in place’ and the desire for loving couples to stay together in their home until the end of their lives. The book is a universal story of family love and, at the same time, a true love story. It also serves as a much needed resource for care givers of loved ones everywhere, who not only deal with the care giving process but also must face the emptiness of the profound loss afterwards. Published 2008 by Stratis Publishing. 96 pages. 5.5” x 8.5” Softcover.

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