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The Spoils of Angel's War

The Spoils of Angel's War deals with the struggles of ordinary people in the extraordinary times of war. The story unfolds in England at the beginning of the Second World War. It isn’t a traditional love story - it deals with the different loves in our lives: romantic love, love of family, and finally and probably uppermost in importance at that time, love of country. Angela Gibson, affectionately known as Angel, was taught by her grandmother to "Know your station in life and never go above it". Not totally in agreement with grandmother’s teachings, Angel finds out that it isn’t always the plans that we make for our life, sometimes its the plans that life makes for us, events beyond our control, that determines the course of our life. A series of events does exactly that - events that take her from her humble beginnings in the east end of London, to become one of the most loved and famous women of her time. Published 2007 by Publish America. 144 pages. 5.5” x 8.5” Softcover.

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