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Identity Theft: In Your Good Name

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime with high payoffs and low risks. According to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the impact on victims is devastating. They find themselves harassed by creditors for debts they did not incur, they’re held responsible for traffic violations they did not commit and for cheque fraud they did not know about. The tragedy is that most Canadians labour under two dangerous misconceptions—that identity theft couldn’t possibly happen to them and that the problem would simply go away once the problem is reported to the authorities. Wrong on both counts. Identity theft is a crime of opportunity and, once the portal has been opened, the problem never goes away. It’s true that banks, credit reporting agencies and police forces have mechanisms in place to deal with the problem, but identity theft is so complex that those mechanisms often work against the victims rather than for them. According to George Greenwood, the most effective prevention is minimizing your risks. That’s the thrust of his book, Identity Theft: In Your Good Name. “The better you understand the problem and take steps to lower your exposure, the less the risk of becoming a victim,” he maintains. “There are simple steps we need to take and they are a lot less stressful than trying to repair the damage after the fact.” It’s a timely book no Canadian household should be without. George Greenwood is based out of Langley, BC, and is a certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist. Published 2007 by Talus Publishing Group. 173 pages. 8.5” x 11” Softcover.

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