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By Barbara Risto, INSPIRED Senior Living Publisher on Aug 30, 2012

Recently I was approached by a senior lady offering to organize an event in Victoria for the purpose of bringing together single seniors in a casual, friendly way. Based on our brief chat, I have decided to test the waters by asking our readers if they would be interested in an event sponsored, in part, by Senior Living. I have no idea what the response will be, but judging from comments expressed to me over the years by seniors who say they just don't know where and how to meet other singles, it could be big!  Our aim would not be to provide a "dating service".  Instead, I imagine it to be a casual affair where singles, male and female, can get together, enjoy the camraderie and explore the possibilities.  There's certainly nothing stopping attendees from starting intimate relationships with each other, but I expect this will be an opportunity for most singles to find new friends and share common interests. Looking for a golfing partner or a travel companion?  Want to go to a movie or theatre production? Do you have a passion for wine tasting, or dog shows? Since the lady offering to organize this event lives in Victoria, we are going to start with Greater Victoria residents... so if you live in this area and would like to attend an event like this, let us know your interest by emailing us at  When you do, please tell us if you are male or female, why you are interested, and provide us with your phone number and email address whre we can reach you if we decide to proceed with an event. All responses will be held in strict confidence.  And, by the way, if you live in another major city and would like to see a similar event held in your area, email us and let us know where you live -- who knows, if the Victoria efforts are successful, we may be able to find organizers for events in other areas.


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I'm a 79 year old woman whose husband has been in long term care for some time with four disabiities incuding a form of dementia so in a sense I'm single What you're suggesting is exactly what I'm looking for rather than dating agencies. Am reasonably fit for my vintage, have an eclectic music appreciation from classic to 50's, 60's and 70's styles. I've always felt that those intersted in cruising coiuld get a group together - those who would like to further a connection would have a basic understanfding of each other.. I like to walk, dance, attend live theatre, travelling, RVing (NOT tenting). love animals

Posted by Jan Whalen | November 13, 2015 Report Violation

I am a 78 years old and a widower who enjoys female company. Online contacts scare me simply from the point of view of having to have technological savvy, which is leaving me behind. i much prefer to meet people one on one or in small groups, where you can converse and really find out if you would enjoy that person's or that small group's company. Such an event as you are suggesting sounds more to my liking.

Posted by Vic Peters | October 2, 2015 Report Violation

To Barbara Risto: You wrote your message about a senior lady wanting to organize an event where single seniors could get together to meet on a casual basis on August 30, 2012. It is now March 20, 2014 -- what happened? Did anything get organized? (We aren't getting any younger). I'm predominately looking for a female companion to travel and share double occupancy.

Posted by Linda | March 20, 2015 Report Violation

Hi there! This is a bit scary isn't it. I am interested in attending your meeting events. I am currently 59 years old, male and appear younger than my age but certainly feel my age certain days. Old fashion gentleman who has learned to move slowly and deliberately. Two feet on the ground, you know?!? I used to think I was unusual but I am becoming more normal and mainstream all the time. Travelling restrictions though.

Posted by Andrew Lowther | January 11, 2015 Report Violation

Hi! I am a youthful and inquisitive 75-young senior lady, who would love to meet a compatible gentleman eventually, but for now I would like to wish you success in your endeavor in beautiful Victoria. I think a "Meet and Greet" that also includes activities one can enjoy doing together, as a group or simply as a couple, is a much better way to meet folks, rather than those endless, hopeless dating sites!! How about expanding into the Okanagan - our beautiful wine country?!

Posted by Laara | May 13, 2014 Report Violation

HI, I am a 59 yr old single female and would love to get together with others my age for outings, plays, the symphony, trips to Vancouver/Seattle, etc.

Posted by Lauren Norris | February 22, 2014 Report Violation

Hello. I am a 68 year old divourced senior, who moved to Victoria a year ago. I am retired and enjoy the outdoors in this beautiful city, along with theatre, music and travel. I also lawn bowl, curl, and enjoy the ocean, walking and boating. I live in Victoria, and would like to meet someone with simular interests, to share some of the great moments in this wonderful world. I am looking for a companion, however; I am very honest and trustworthy, and do not play games with poeple. I am not sure where this information is going, however; I am intested in meeting single ladies, and can provide further information, if required. I would like to have some further information if possible. As you requested, my telephone number is 250-893-4988. Thank you, Len Johnson. Fernwwod Manor - 354-1573 Begbie ST. -Victoria, BC. - V8R 1L1

Posted by Lennart Johnson | February 22, 2013 Report Violation

Hi, What a fine idea! To bring women and men together in such an arrangement would be such a benefit, socially and intellectually. It is exciting to discover anybody who is genuinely enthused about mutual areas of interest--such as birding, discovery local travel, etc. Further, as seniors age and may be freer to travel it would be great to connect with someone you could feel safe and comfortable with; and it seems that the environment you suggest would be such a great service!

Posted by Marie | February 11, 2013 Report Violation

73 but still active with cycling, swimming, fitness centre, etc. would be nice having someone for company and friendship. Golf a hockey game or just a drive in the country

Posted by Maxwell | January 6, 2013 Report Violation

Thank you for your comments. We are collecting the emails and phone numbers of people interested in being part of an event in Victoria. Email your contact info and a little bit about yourself (like whether you are male or female and why this interests you) to As of today, we have had a big response from women, but only a handful of men. If you know of any single men, tell them to contact us. It would be nice to hold an event with an equal number of people from each gender.

Posted by Barbara | October 25, 2012 Report Violation

I am a 56 yr old female, I'm not looking for a husband but it would be nice to find someone to go on adventures with.

Posted by Sherry | October 21, 2012 Report Violation

Hi Enjoyed your article and would like to see something like that arranged up her in the Nanaimo area. Am a single young-ish 71 year old Christian man looking for female friends in the 60 - 70 range --- got tired of all the singles sites online and most live hundreds or thousands of miles away!!

Posted by Luke | October 20, 2012 Report Violation

How do you join

Posted by Wanda | October 9, 2012 Report Violation

Hi ... I think this would be a great venue. I have been on my own almost 8 years, have a lot of great friends, and family support, and I am still working (at 64) for probably another 2-3 years. I am looking for others with interests in life who enjoy walking, music and theatre, and would love to make some new friends spending time doing these things. As in D'Arcy's response, I think this would be an intriguing event! Hope it happens in Victoria.

Posted by Cheryl Pardue | September 25, 2012 Report Violation

Just read your essay "Searching for Love on the Internet" and I'm very intrigued at the thought of an auditorium full of 60 to 90ish singles looking for who knows what. I'm a 68 year old single male, reasonable health, my own teeth, most of my own hair and looking for who knows what? Sure, I'd be happy to attend a function of this sort.

Posted by D'Arcy Richardson | September 19, 2012 Report Violation

I read your article, found it interesting. Myself personally and many of my same aged girls friend (60 to 70) have found internet dating challenging. Photos date back too many years and communication is sparse. I think a meet and mingle would be more productive. Too bad you are starting in Victoria how quickly can you come to the North shore, West and North Vancouver, I am willing to help.

Posted by Jeanne | September 18, 2012 Report Violation

I am a 69 year old female. I am married, but like many other couples, I think, find that some of our interests are opposite. I am not looking to meet a partner, just others with similar interests to be shared. I am very active, fit and enjoy, golfing, walking,hiking, theatre, dinners, travelling, dancing.

Posted by Joanne | September 18, 2012 Report Violation

I crossed the 70 barrier but feel way too young and energetic to stay at home. I still work full time (and more !) ,all my family has moved to the US or Europe or Mexico, no girl friend around either. I need people to ski, hike , bike , boat, travel, dance, dine, talk, etc. or I will go nuts. - There must be others with the same needs, where are they ? I wouldn't mind to pay a fee for social events or tours.

Posted by Niko | September 12, 2012 Report Violation

Hi,I am a 64 year old female.Found your article quite interesting.I am a divorced gal,not out there looking for a partner,but at the same time would like to find a male friend who does have similar interests.The article does say you would be starting with Greater Victoria,I'm out in the Westshore,not sure where I stand on that one.Just wanted to email basically to say I think it is a great idea,all the best.

Posted by Mary MacKinnon | September 6, 2012 Report Violation

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