Summer Sizzle

Summer Sizzle

Summer is back and in full swing, which means if the sun is out and shining, it’s time to wear some pieces that catch the light while keeping you cool.

The No. 1 summer accessory everyone needs for this season is a stylish pair of sunglasses. More than just an accessory, these glorified glasses help to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, so be sure to select a pair that includes full UV protection. We all love the sun, but no one loves it enough to sacrifice their retinas.

When it comes to the actual shape, colour and style of your shades, the runways of 2017 showed a massive spectrum. From Balenciaga’s plastic shades to Miu Miu’s oversized ones, sunglasses can be personalized to fit just about anyone’s taste.

Try to keep your face shape in mind when making a selection, as an oversized pair of sunnies on a tiny face can look ill-conceived rather than fashionable. If you have a round, diamond or square face, smaller shades can be highly flattering. If you have a long or heart face shape, larger glasses can make you look like you just stepped off the plane from a European adventure. And if you have an oval face shape, congratulations on your win of the genetic lottery – you can wear whatever you like.

In terms of colours, rose-gold is still dominating the accessory world, though any neutral colour or shade (such as brown, tan or black) can be paired with nearly any outfit or any occasion.

Now that you’ve got your shades picked out, it’s time to move on to the rest of your look. In the heat, the last thing anyone wants is to be bogged down by heavy jewellery and scarves (especially if you’re planning a trip to the beach), so keep it light when it comes to adding finishing touches.

Hats are always a big summer “must-have,” but baseball caps are better suited to stadiums than your family’s beachside picnic. If it’s a particularly sunny day, a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face from the sun is always a great idea. But do make sure the brim is not so wide that you risk the wind stealing it away from you.

Jewellery is also a high point for warm-weathered fashionistas, but the choice of what to wear changes dramatically from winter to summer. Instead of bold, large statement pieces, tiny trinkets are more in style for staying active up and down shores or lawns.

Lightweight (and often inexpensive), these small bracelets or necklaces are a simple chain with a single charm, and rarely overstated. The “mermaid” trend continues from last season, meaning many retailers are selling charms with a small seashell, anchor or other summer-themed item that is sure to add flair to any outfit and any age group.

Staying safe in the sun has never looked so good, and having fun with your look will never go out of style.

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