Senior Dating: 10 First Date Ideas

Whatever your age, the best way to enjoy a first date is to keep an open mind, focus on the things you have in common, and make your primary goal to simply have fun. Here are 10 first date suggestions to get you started.

Fun First Dates for Single Seniors (or married couples renewing the spark)

1. Dance the Night Away. Check your local recreation centres for dance classes or look for dance clubs that welcome newcomers. Whether you are an accomplished dancer, or a novice with a desire to learn, being with a group of people engaged in the grand sport of dancing will open doors to new relationship opportunities. Most dance classes invite singles to join and will match you up with a partner, or possibly several partners. Get close, have fun and check to see if there’s any chemistry.

2. Picnic in the Great Outdoors. Find a beautiful spot to spread a blanket and share a tasty basket of goodies. Shop the local deli together for some exotic items, or bring a potluck of homemade items. Find a beautiful spot to spread a blanket and enjoy your bounty. It will taste that much better in the fresh air and in the company of someone you want to get to know better.

3. Attend a Charity Function or Volunteer. It’s fun to support a good cause while you get to know your date a little better. Find a charity you both care about and see what happens. There’s always plenty of people to mingle with should conversation get a little strained. You may find the person of your dreams – and it may not be the person you came with. Keep your options open, but be prepared to enjoy the company of everyone around you. There are always charity-driven events in your area that are in need of volunteers and participants. You can get to know one another and lend a helping hand in the community all at once.

4. The Dog Park. If you’re both partial to pooches, take an hour and meet at the local dog park. Both of you and your furry friends can say hello and you can get to know one another in a relaxed, familiar environment.

5. Get Artsy. Nourish your artistic side by expanding your creativity. Research current exhibits at local art galleries, or the museum. If you both have an artistic bent, take an art class together and perhaps try something new to both of you… stained glass, woodworking, etc. If you’re not the hands-on type, you can still nurture your artistic side by going on a local art tour. These usually take you to a number of locations, involve a variety of art forms and give you and your date something to chat about.

6. Set Sail or Take Flight. With water so close at hand, find out where you can rent kayaks, canoes or sailboats, take an evening dinner cruise, or go whale watching…You’ll probably want to do this when the weather is at its best but it will definitely let you see your surroundings from a different perspective. If you haven’t seen your local area from the air, check out the tours offered by plane and helicopter companies. Even just a half-hour flight can give you a fantastic bird’s eye view of the local sights and scenery. Instead of taking the ferry or a commercial flight, take a local harbour flight, instead, to a nearby destination, like Friday Harbour, or Seattle. Do a little shopping or visit a couple bistros, before making your way back home. A full day, indeed, but one you’ll remember for a long time.

7. Enjoy the Classics. Classic car shows can bring back many memories to share with your date. Automobiles are a big part of our history – what better way to find out more about each other by reminiscing about the cars that were part of your past?

8. Be Like An Open Book. Bookstores are great places for dates. You’re surrounded by conversation starters and the chairs are usually pretty comfortable! Even if the date doesn’t go as planned, you can still pick up a great read for later. If it goes well, you can comfortably take the next step towards seeing one another again.

9. It's All In Good Taste.    Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or have trouble telling Cabernet from Merlot, visiting a local winery, joining a tour that takes in a sampling of several vineyards, or attending a wine tasting together is a great way to get to know each other while learning something new and sampling one of life’s pleasures.

10. Join the Circus. Is there a midway coming to town? Turn back time by strolling among the stalls and the rides, recall what you enjoyed most as a kid, savour the popcorn and cotton candy, ride the ferris wheel; all those things you loved as a kid but perhaps forgot as you grew older and took on more responsibilities. Start your new relationship by becoming a kid-at-heart again.



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Hello, I think your blog is epic. Congrats.

Posted by Best Online Games | December 10, 2010 Report Violation

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Posted by Mihai Ghimpu | November 26, 2010 Report Violation

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Posted by Zazick | June 1, 2010 Report Violation

All 7 topics would be of interest to me. thank you

Posted by mej | January 14, 2010 Report Violation

The dating tips mentioned are great !
We at Compatible Introductions since 1970, Rosalyn Dietz, Dating-and Relationship Coach
usually also suggest : going for coffee in a cafe with an atmosphere or a cozy bistro or
hotel lounge for drinks or a light snack.
Going to a live concerts or theatre performance
Walks on the beach
A bicycle ride
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Posted by Rosalyn Dietz | December 1, 2009 Report Violation

Excellent article and a good reminder of things to do....but as Judy said, "...what about the actual meeting?" Seniors brave enough to venture into the dating scene again really need a social setting in which to meet....something like a private club.....rather than through online sites, bars or pubs....not that all three cannot be enjoyed for other purposes. I would be interested in articles supporting the dating scene for seniors.

Posted by Heather Hestler | November 5, 2009 Report Violation

Some ideas I knew about but had forgotten, others hadn't occurred to me. Thank you for a helpful article!

Posted by Carollyne Brown | November 5, 2009 Report Violation

Great article ... lots of great ideas of things to do once you have met someone ... but what about the actual meeting??? It would be really great if your magazine had some information about any local places, groups, organizations, get-togethers, dances, lunches, etc. etc. (other than the online dating sites) where seniors looking for partners could meet up. Any chance of an ongoing column discussing that sort of thing?? I'm sure there would be many of us who would be interested . Perhaps the column could also include tips and info from the readers themseleves when they know of an upcoming event of this type.

Posted by Judy Partridge | November 5, 2009 Report Violation

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