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Live Long and Prosper

By Richard B. Johnson on Nov 1, 2016

In British Columbia, the legislation that sets out these protections is the BC Human Rights Code. The Code is a relatively comprehensive document that outlines our protections from discrimination in major aspects of our lives. One of the most important protections contained in the Code is the protection from being subject to discrimination because of our age. Read more...

Planning Your Will

When planning your estate, consider making a charitable donation in your will to support a non-profit organization that provides services to your community. Read more...

Having Difficult Conversations

By Family Caregivers' Network Society on Nov 1, 2013

One challenge of caregiving is taking time to have those difficult conversations with your family member or friend about what type of care they want, what happens if they can no longer safely live in their own home, when it may be time for them to give up driving or if they have prepared their will, Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement. Read more...

The Top 5 Things to Think About when Considering Your Will

By BC Children's Hospital Foundation on Jun 8, 2011

Approximately 60% of British Columbians die each year without a will. This means that for those individuals, provincial legislation, and potentially the Public Guardian and Trustee, decides who is in charge of your assets, who gets what and who will take the responsibility of caring for your children. Dying without a will also means that your philanthropic intentions cannot be fulfilled. Read more...

The Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning is the means by which you protec and provide for your family and others close to you. Estate planning helps you establish your financial goals, both before and after death. Read more...

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