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Fall Fashion Forecast

Sympli Outfit

Almost nothing beats the ease and comfort of light, flowy summer fabrics.  Except when a chill in the air has you reaching for warmer layers. With exciting colours and flattering, wearable versions of Paris and New York runway style, fall in love with fall 2017 fashion. Check out these trending looks:

Pops of red prevail in designer collections this fall. Whether this dramatic colour is the main event of your outfit, or it plays a supporting role, it is sure to get you noticed. Canadian designer Jason Wu’s tailored red coat dress works well for a formal day event or a dinner party.

Worried that red isn’t perfect for every complexion? You don’t have go super-bright. Experiment with other hues: red with a touch of pink, burgundy or coral. Patterns like checks, plaids and florals will also break up a bright red. If you prefer just a touch of red, a shawl, shrug or scarf over an otherwise neutral outfit will give it instant energy. Try an infinity scarf where you can get the look without the fuss of draping or tying. And if you really want to make a colour statement, go for a softer, lighter fabric, like silk. It will give the red a translucence, allowing you to wear it bold without being over-the-top bright.

Classic Plaid
Thankfully, centuries ago, the tartan pattern was shared with North America to become our beloved plaid. And this fall, designers definitely clad with plaid. Louis Vuitton plays with the pattern in a fun mix of colours. Chanel puts plaids in white and soft greys with bold black piping.

Dressed up or down, plaid looks great on heavier fabrics such as wool, cotton, fleece and flannel. And on that note, the classic plaid cotton flannel shirt has become more versatile than ever. Find a long-sleeved style with tabs that allow you to roll up the sleeves and secure them in place – both pretty and practical. Wear a fitted plaid shirt for more tailored comfort. Or wear it loose with jeans or jeggings for ultimate ease without sacrificing style. Designers are also putting the pattern on dresses, tunics and two-piece sets: for full-body plaid! Whichever plaid you pick, rest assured, it’s a classic, not a fad!

Off-the-shoulder Sweater
Fall celebrates sweaters. But especially early in the season, you don’t have to go bulky to be warm. An off-the-shoulder knit keeps you snug and stylin’. Alison McLeod of Aurea Fashion Boutique & Essential Luxuries suggests this look by Canadian-made Sympli.
“Opt for a sleek, textured sweater, that makes a great fall transition piece along the lines of staying cozy.”

Besides its elegant textural pattern, another thing this sweater has going for it is its “mini” length, which gives a flattering silhouette because of its emphasis on the shoulders and upper body. Think of a mini sweater like a shrug – only it’s so much easier to move around in – and stays in place. The off-the-shoulder look, which would normally be chilly in the fall is layered with a long tunic that flows forgivingly around the lower body. With this look, you have it all: style, warmth and fashion that feels as good as it looks. Designers and retailers offer a wide selection of sleek sweaters for your shopping and wearing pleasure.

Fall fashion forecast calls for high style in strong colours, patterns and cozy knits and fabrics. You can’t lose with runway-inspired looks that work in real life. Wear the looks separately, or put them all together. Either way, you’ll be rockin’ fall trends in total warmth and comfort.


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