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Holiday Hair

One of the best times of the year to dress up and let yourself indulge in a little extra glam is during the holidays. With reds and berries as the hot colour trends, and velvet as the “it” fabric this season, there are a variety of avenues to experiment with a little extra pizzazz when it comes to fashion.

Not to be forgotten – and equally as important – is your hair. Oftentimes, a classy updo is the style of choice for parties and special events, but according to Sheena Riach of Raymond Salon, that is not the case this year.

In fact, the classic updo is the furthest thing from fashion trends this holiday season.

“There are two distinct and very popular styles women are asking for right now,” says Riach. “They either want a pixie cut with long bangs, for a clean and minimalist look, or they want the sexy beach waves.”

Wait, what? Pixie cuts and beach waves? In the winter? Riach nods, “Pixie cuts, especially, are huge. Women are also embracing the gray. What’s really hot is the silver/gray/mauve look; a bit of a mauve wash with the silver that looks soft, but is young and stylish.”

Riach says many women over 50 are looking to stop colouring and find a cut to show off the silver and gray without aging themselves in the process. That’s why the pixie cut is so popular.

“You won’t see women go gray with long hair. They’ll embrace the silver and gray but cut their hair in a stylish cut, like the pixie, because it’s sassy and sexy,” she explains. It’s the minimalist look they’re after, paired with neutral makeup. The focus is on one bright feature, which is either lips or eyelashes. False eyelashes are extraordinarily in demand along with those pixie cuts for a classy, modern, clean look.

Then there are those who are going in the opposite direction with blonde beach waves for longer hairstyles.

“Oh, we are absolutely working big hair. Extensions are really popular. This seems to be a big year for beach waves and sexy à la Raquel Welch,” says Riach. She is careful to note that the blonde is not a Barbie-doll blonde that ends up inadvertently aging women, but the right shade to lighten and enhance their look.

Short and sassy, long and wavy, women today are not looking at age the way their mothers did when it comes to styling their hair.

“Everything is geared towards being sexy right now,” she says. “And why not? Women are embracing these years like never before. They are self-confident and not afraid to work it.”

Whether it is the office Christmas party, or a night on the town with friends to celebrate the season, women are looking for more of a glow this year. In a sensual red velvet dress and flattering hairstyle, they’re sure to find it.

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