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Socially Responsible Investing – Doing the Right Thing?

Socially responsible investing (SRI) used to be a simple matter of spurning so-called “sin” stocks – usually tobacco, liquor, gambling and weapons manufacturers.

Today, this form of ethically-based investing has become a more complex process, where a company’s total corporate behaviour, as measured by its workplace practices, environmental activities, and corporate governance policies are taken into consideration.

SRI enables investors to develop a personal investment strategy using measurable ethical, social and environmental criteria to align investment decisions with their own social and moral convictions.

The Rise of SRI
This approach to investing has been gaining momentum as information about a corporation’s social and environmental practices is getting easier to obtain through the media and specialized research companies that track and publish this information.

SRI is a personally satisfying way to measure investment quality, but it is not a shortcut around the other performance measures that go into sound investment decision-making. Diversify your portfolio into socially responsible investments that are aligned with your values and that will still meet your investment objectives for the future.

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