Autumn Footwear Trends

In these dog days of summer, breezy footwear to accompany cool, comfortable wardrobes is the only thing on anyone’s mind. August means holding on to the best of summer; that last chance of relaxation before the hectic busyness of September schedules demands our attention again.

While most of us are still lounging in the sunshine or dipping in the lake, shoe stores have long been preparing for autumn stock. With the flip of the calendar from August to September, however, our minds make the switch to thinking of brisker days, cozy sweaters and warmer footwear… and retailers are ready.

Summer brought the sexy ballerina flat and Espadrille to women’s footwear style. With the onset of autumn, the fashion conscious can continue to incorporate sleek sexiness combined with comfort into their wardrobes in a myriad of style and colour choices.

Sasha from The Cobbler shoe store in Victoria says a plethora of beautiful styles are in from Europe ranging from florals to autumn hues.

“We have some lovely florals in flat wear, those are always popular,” she says. “We are also seeing chunkier styles and pull-on ankle boots in beautiful autumn shades and natural browns.”

European leather makes the shoe both classy and functional. Boots to just below the knee are also in high demand. Sasha says they are the perfect pairing for something casual or dressy.

“There is shifting in that direction, to boots of all styles. Very high in demand.”

If muted fall colours are not your thing and you prefer shoes with a bit more pizazz, there is something for you, too.

“Red in all shades is a big colour this season,” says Sasha. “It’s just gorgeous.”

Vicki Gabereau, shoe buyer for Marilyn’s of West Vancouver, concurred that this fall the choices in footwear are stylish, plentiful and suitable for all foot needs.

“Oh, we have such wonderful things for autumn,” says Vicki. “For warm days, we have slides, shoes with no backs, in beautifully rich colours like copper and forest green.”

Those kinds of shoes can even be used for the office in deep winter when you’d like to switch off your outerwear boots for something less bulky indoors, she says.

Also popular this season are “embellished” shoes.
“You have to look at them as a piece of jewellery,” says Vicki. “Some have leather cut-outs, some have embroidery on the shoes or boots, you are even seeing some shoes with pearls sewn on in very fancy detail.”

Other current looks for autumn are patent leather, mod-style dress shoes, and sturdy cube heels. Not to be outdone, dress boots are sure to be a hit.

“These are increasingly popular and are made to be stylish and comfortable,” says Vicki.

Marilyn’s is also carrying shoes from a line called Beautifeel from Israel, which come in a fabulous blend of black, white and red.

If feeling good is as important to you as looking good, consider creepers, a platform oxford-style shoe with lace-ups.

“Those are incredibly comfortable,” she says.

Without a doubt, there will be plenty of style choices trending for autumn 2017. Sexy, classy and comfortable will transition smoothly from summer to fall.

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