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The Time for Spontaneity is Now!

Earlier this year, I did something spontaneous. When I bumped into an old friend one afternoon, she told me about a trip she was making to Phoenix in a couple of weeks; she was not looking forward to the drive. February driving through the mountains can be perilous.

So, with my plucky wisdom, I told her I had some free time and would be pleased to drive her to Phoenix. I had never been there, so this was an opportunity for adventure. It turned out to be a drive that called upon every bit of driving ability I could muster. It took longer than planned and the weather was far worse than desired, but we made it!

As much as I cherish the west coast and the ocean, I fell in love with the desert. Something about the air and the open sky filled my soul. I flew home after five days, but the desert still beckons me. If you need a driver, let me know.

Fast forward to early April. Another friend was planning a 21-day trip to Montreal and Quebec City via cross-country rail. Unfortunately, her companions had to back out for family reasons. Once again, I spontaneously offered: “I’ve never been to Montreal and Quebec City, would you like me to come with you?”

When I came to my senses, I realized prior commitments did not allow me to be away for 21 days. So, I am flying to Montreal and will arrive just as Pam gets off the train; we’ll spend four days wandering the streets of old Montreal and then two days in Quebec City. Pam will stay and play for the full 21 days, and I will fly home to meet my obligations.

Three years ago, I travelled solo for the first time to the hill towns of France. I’m not travelling solo this time, but I am looking forward to seeing, tasting and experiencing the new adventures that this part of Canada has in store for me.

When was the last time you did something spontaneous? Maybe it’s a solo trip, or with a friend, across the country or across town. Just do it! The time to be courageous – and a little outrageous – is now.

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