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Boot Trends: Go Edgy

Boots aren’t just an accessory, but a means to reinvent and refresh your entire wardrobe. Feel like you are in a rut? The last thing you’ll feel like doing is reorganizing your entire wardrobe. Instead, save your money and your time for a piece that will take you miles further, literally. Give your winter wardrobe an easy and effective makeover from the feet up.

Block Heels

Block heels may have started as a Sixties staple, but like all fashion trends, they are back with a vengeance. The thick heel gives a graphic pop and a bit of height while also ensuring stability and support. Unlike the kitten heel, block heel booties have enough girth to really make a statement and carry support all the way up the ankle. The newest trend shows off a printed heel against a solid boot creating a cool contrast that makes even the most casual looks high fashion in one simple step. For another modern twist, that’s sure to restart your style, look out for cylindrical heels.

Fringe Benefits

With playful fringe-detailed boots, any outfit becomes high impact without being high maintenance. Fringe is a great way to make go-to flat styles fabulous. Who says you need a heel when you have flirty trim. Forget cowboy chic, this winter-friendly addition is more whimsy than it is western. A simple rounded toe keeps things polished without going overboard with full-blown wild-west styling.

Velvet Chelsea Boots

Equal parts regal and rock ‘n’ roll, the velvet Chelsea offers rich texture and versatility. The minor stacked heel and almond toe have the elongating effect of a pointed toe without the painful repercussions. Coming in saturated jewel tones with a luxurious sheen, these booties steal the show without the need for height. They can elevate a casual look by adding a pop of colour and texture against jeans or transition into an elegant evening look. Styled with stretch gore side panels, this slip-on design offers a molded and quick fit. No need for fussy buckles or zips.

Maximize Impact

Sorry Nancy, but boots aren’t just made for walking, they’re made for flaunting. Don’t hide your most edgy accessory, cuff your pants to show them off or pair them with a funky sweater dress or an elegant pencil skirt and a cozy set of tights. Make the most out of cropped styles this winter by opting for a boot that seamlessly bridges the gap and tucks underneath the hem. Not only does this layered approach show off more of your boots, but also elongates the seasonal appeal of your wardrobe. In other words, get more for your investment, and get more winter options.

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