Thriving After Trauma

By Melodee K. Currier

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The Chinese word for "crisis" is composed of two Chinese characters signifying "danger" and "opportunity."   After experiencing a traumatic event, you will experience either danger or opportunity, depending on your thoughts.  The choice is yours.  As Carl Jung said “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

A relatively new term for thriving after a traumatic experience is Post Traumatic Growth, which is defined as “positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity in order to rise to a higher level of functioning.”   It’s more than being resilient -- it’s flourishing and emerging better than before.

Those experiencing Post Traumatic Growth may notice they:

  • Have a greater appreciation of life
  • Feel stronger physically and mentally
  • Enjoy closer relationships
  • Make new goals and priorities
  • Experience stronger spirituality

I have experienced twelve major traumas in my life -- from being a battered wife to recently being a passenger in a serious car accident.   I bounced back from the first eleven traumas, but the car accident has been the most life changing and, as a result, I have experienced Post Traumatic Growth.  Trauma has a way of waking you up.

My transformation actually began at the site of the accident when I noticed strangers jumping out of their cars to help us.  Two women identified themselves as nurses, two men served as witnesses and another man helped get my husband and me out of the car and to a safe place to wait for the ambulance.  I was, and still am, overwhelmed by their selfless caring. 

Unbelievably, a few minutes before our car was totaled, my husband and I were discussing buying a new car (which my husband was against) and I was thinking “The only way we’re going to get a new car is if this one is in an accident.”  The Law of Attraction was clearly at work that morning.   Be careful what you wish for – the Universe is always listening.

As a result of Post Traumatic Growth, I have received numerous blessings:

  • I now have a much greater appreciation of life and the beauty all around me.  On a daily basis, I am thankful for all my blessings large and small. 
  • My top priority is becoming physically fit.  I wasn’t fit before the accident and I believe it would have made the healing process easier if I had been.   
  • My nearly 25 year marriage was good before the accident, but the love and appreciation I feel for my husband is magnified now.  Even though he was also injured in the accident, he cheerfully helped me with everything I needed – and more.   
  • My spirituality is much stronger now.  I know Archangel Michael performed divine intervention that morning and Archangel Raphael is helping me become healthier now.   My gratitude is overflowing and I let them know daily. 

After the accident I was overwhelmed with anxiety and planned to see a psychologist for PTSD as soon as I was able to drive.  After calling four psychologists and being told I needed to be put on a waiting list, I realized the Universe was telling me I should try to heal myself. 

So I took action.  I talked with my husband regarding my anxiety about the accident and fears of getting back into a car; wrote extensively about it; watched numerous YouTube videos on trauma, anxiety and Post Traumatic Growth; reserved several self-help books at the library and re-read many books which I already owned. 

In the process, I was divinely guided to books and videos that really resonated with me and answered my questions.  My turning point was the realization that worry is useless.  Even though life is unpredictable, we each have the strength, by living in the now, to handle whatever happens.  Issues I had with anxiety, before and after the accident, have dissolved.  As they say “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”   Thanks to the many teachers who wrote the books and made the videos, this student no longer needs professional help. 

Several years ago when I met one of my favorite authors, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, I told him “You are  my guru.” His reply?  “You are your own guru.”  I now know what he meant.  And as author Truth Devour, writes in her book, Wantin, “Perhaps the gift you seek already resides within you awaiting the day you choose to unwrap it.”  Don’t waste another moment -- unwrap it now, let your journey begin and become your own guru!

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