Deep Breathing a Daily Routine

By John M. Probandt

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This paper is about an exercise I do every day in order to keep balance in my life. It is something I practice that works for me. I usually practice deep breathing once per day at bedtime and for three months solid. I then change the routine to morning hours where again I practice the deep breathing once per day for three months. I alternative the times between morning and night every three months. During extreme periods of strees I will practice  deep breathing  three times per day (morning, noon and night). I started deep breathing when I was very young in my early twenties and I can directly account this exercise to my success. About 8 years ago when I moved to China, I stopped doing the regular practice of deep breathing for some reason and I my success was reduced. Then a few months ago I started again and now success is coming back for me.

Below I have written down the basics of the routine but these can be modified to fit the person. I decided to write this today so others can share in my success. It is a humble way to be a better person. This is an exercise to gain perceptive called “deep breathing”. I learned how to do this exercise “deep breathing” after reading a few books on the subject when I was young. It took me a couple of months of doing it every day before I enjoyed the many benefits. Nothing here is original and there are lots of books on the subject but really if you just do what I say here you will be enjoying a better life in a short period of time.  JP

Now We Begin

To start, I lie on my back in bed to begin the exercise. Really when doing deep breathing laying or sitting both work. The idea is to just get comfortable in any position and put your hands on your chest and stomach or at the side. I like the laying down because I also incorporate exercise in my routine that is best done when lying down.  For example I do crunches and head lifts during the deep breathing meditation for more benefits.

To maximize oxygen intake, it’s important to learn to breathe from your abdomen “belly breathing” rather than your chest. Focus on your breath until you feel your stomach rise and fall more dramatically than your chest with each inhalation and exhalation.

Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth. Breathe out very hard, exhale every single ounce of breath. At first this will be difficult as you will cough and possibility you will bring up some flem (so keep a towel by your side if this happens). If you do not cough you are not letting out enough air. After a few weeks neither the flem nor coughing will be an issue.   The time it takes to exhale should be about twice the time of what it is to inhale. (Maybe – 4 to inhale, 7 to hold, and 10 to exhale.) Let go of all other thoughts while you breathe. Do this every day or night at the same time. If you are really serious or dealing with issues maybe you can practice the routine three times a day. It is important to practice the routine at the same time daily (the reason for the same time every day is that you are building a routine). For the normal person one time per day is enough.

It is okay to just focus on your breathing but for the best benefit most people prefer incorporating a simple repetitive phrase known as a mantra. Repeat the mantra as you breathe out to get in the rhythm. A mantra is just a simple word. Like a number for example. Say you choose the number one. Then every time you breath out you say “one” either out loud or to yourself. You could choose as your mantra a word instead of a number. As a word for our example let’s choose the word “relax” as your mantra. Again as you breathe out our repeat the mantra (either out loud or to yourself) and in our example the word is “relax”. It does not matter what word you select, just say that same word, number or phrase as you breathe out. A sample phrase could be “Today is my good lucky day” or “today I enjoy great happiness”. Most people like one word but sentences such as the ones in these examples work very well.

This is the first stage of deep breathing in the second stage you can add more and receive even greater benefits. I will give examples of two things to add to your routine. One is exercise and the other is “self-talk”.

So to begin you will always start with your mantra. People are different for me it takes about one to five minutes before I get in deep relaxation (this depends on factors in my life that day). After you feel relaxed you can add more to the routine. Each session should last at least ten (10) minutes. However I usually do 20 minute sessions. I have gone as long as one hour. After you really get your body used to the routine you can even add background music (I do this).

Examples of Exercise that can be added

Let’s talk exercises: The easiest exercise to add is abdominal exercises such as leg lifts and head lifts. You keep the same pattern of breaking going as you do these exercises.  Many exercises can be added such as leg lifts: Just use your imagination to add exercises. You can even incorporate light weights. The key is to keep your mind clear. With the idea of staying in rhythm do not use heavy weights or you will lose the rhythm of the breathing and the benefits of the deep breathing.

Example of Self talk that can be added

These are positive statements you repeat to yourself as you breathe out. You only say these as you breathe out. These statements replace the mantra word once you get into the rhythm.  You can either say these out loud or think (just stay in rhythm). Below you will find examples of things I say and you can add your own.

  1. Today I feel great
  2. I am very lucky to be me
  3. I always made wise decisions
  4. I have good common sense
  5. People like me and respect me
  6. I am a good listener
  7. I love to read and I stay informed
  8. I enjoy excellent health
  9. I make a good friend
  10. I am wise with money
  11. I am very organized
  12. I eat healthy food
  13. I have great judgment
  14. I love myself
  15. I give love and respect to others
  16. I am a great communicator
  17. I am a good business person
  18. I am always honest and fair to others
  19. I respect my body
  20. I get enough sleep
  21. I wake up with lot of energy
  22. I wake up with a great attitude
  23. I always have a good attitude.
  24. I trust my instinct.
  25. I am always on time
  26. I listen to others
  27. I am organized
  28. I give myself 100%
  29. I accept gifts with love
  30. I show appreciation to others
  31. Good health is normal for me
  32. I enjoy my life
  33. I appreciate my friends
  34. I am calm in all situation
  35. I am very happy with who I am.
  36. I love myself and I am surrounded by people who care about me.
  37. I always make good decisions
  38. My life is excellent in every way.
  39. Every day my life gets better.
  40. I always have a good attitude.
  41. I respect other people and other people respect me.
  42. Every day I realize more success in my life.
  43. I am a hard worker and I have good common sense.
  44. I always make good decisions.
  45. Every day for me is a better day.
  46. My health is excellent all of the time. 
  47. I am outgoing and I care about others.
  48. I am a great listener and am an excellent team member.
  49. I am always on time and I am never late.
  50. I do not make excuses instead I get things done.
  51. I respect other people and I listen to what others say.
  52. I am a great student of life and I learn more every day.
  53. I always cool and can and do handle even the most difficult of situations.
  54. I appreciate even the smallest things in life and I am thankful for being alive and being me.
  55. I am so lucky to be me
  56. I attract success I am a success
  57. I am trusted and always believed.
  58. I am like a magnet and I only attract good people with good intentions.
  59. I repeal bad people automatically
  60. It is with great joy that I wake everyday knowing that I will have great day.
  61. I am a good person and I always have good intentions.
  62. I care about the world.
  63. I have perfect common sense and always say the right thing at the right time
  64. I have trustworthy friends and supporters.
  65. I have good common sense.
  66. I am a winner and I achieve something good every day.
  67. I dream and I achieve my dreams.
  68. I see the future clearly and today I do something special that gets me a step closer to everything I dream and want.
  69. My dreams always are good dreams with good intentions.
  70. I feel great I feel fantastic.
  71. I always feel great and it shows.
  72. I always smile and people find me very attractive.
  73. I eat healthy and my weight is excellent.
  74. I am a pleasure to be around.
  75. In life and in business I am the person who is trustworthy.
  76. I am considered fair and honest by everyone.
  77. I deserve happiness and I am happy.
  78. I deserve success and I am successful.
  79. I deserve and I have lots of love in my live. I
  80. I respect others and others respect me.
  81. I am great communicator. 
  82. It is always a pleasure to look in the mirror because I like what I see.
  83. I am a quick learner.
  84. I listen and I learn something new every day.
  85. I read and learn something new every day.
  86. Tests for me are easy and I always score high on all tests.
  87. Every day my life gets better. 
  88. I am loyal and honest
  89. I attract loyal and honest people
  90. I am a team player
  91. When a leader I am a great leader
  92. When a follower I follow and can be counted on
  93. I am a great salesperson
  94. I always close the sale
  95. I have a winning perceptive.
  96. I excellent anticipation skills and use them
  97. I always close the deal
  98. I always close the sale
  99. I always return calls promptly
  100. I am responsible
  101. I have a pleasing personality
  102. I listen to learn
  103. I keep things in focus
  104. I work for win win
  105. I practice balance
  106. I exercise daily
  107. I dress for success
  108. I make winning decisions
  109. I always have money
  110. I am surrounded by people who love me
  111. I think things through but I don’t overthink
  112. I treat others with fairness
  113. I am always treated with fairness
  114. Faith is part of my makeup
  115. I accept reasonability and I am responsible
  116. I am always protected and safe
  117. I make myself and other money.
  118. I always add value
  119. I am a responsible parent
  120. I am a loving parent
  121. I love continuing education
  122. I follow up and I close
  123. Every day I count my blessings
  124. My time is valuable and others respect my time
  125. I appreciate nature
  126. I love exercise
  127. I exercise daily
  128. My health is healthy
  129. My weight is perfect for me
  130. I eat good healthy foods
  131. I keep my cool and solve all problems
  132. I am always protected and safe
  133. I am honest and reliable
  134. I love family and respect others families
  135. I am empathetic
  136. I am wise and intelligent
  137. I am very tech advanced
  138. I stay up with technology
  139. I stay up with trends
  140. I have well-manicured professional look
  141. I am a good driver
  142. I love to exercise
  143. I appreciate the talents of others
  144. If I find fault when I do so  I also find a solution
  145. I practice my meditation daily
  146. I keep my calm in important situations
  147. I am successful
  148. I care about others
  149. I appreciate all things big and small
  150. I notice even small things
  151. I am a nice person
  152. People are nice to me
  153. I am well respected
  154. I am appreciated
  155. I am important to the world
  156. I am smart and use my intelligence wisely
  157. I wake up early everyday well rested and with good energy
  158. I sleep well at night
  159. I am in good shape
  160. I am trusted at all times
  161. People believe in me
  162. I am a good public speaker
  163. People enjoy my company
  164. I deal with all situations  successfully
  165. I am very disciplined
  166. I reach me goals and I stick with my goals
  167. I return my calls and emails on time
  168. People always return my calls
  169. I have a great memory
  170. I am a fast learner
  171. I am a quick study
  172. I am charming
  173. People think I am elegant and sophisticated
  174. I dress well and look attractive
  175. With me all things are possible
  176. I visualize success and I achieve success
  177. I wake up knowing today will be great
  178. I accept love
  179. I think before I speak
  180. I give love
  181. I have a great smile
  182. I have great style
  183. I always look and feel good
  184. I appreciate and take the time to say thank you’
  185. I am a great communicator
  186. I am an excellent writer
  187. I have a good feel for all situations
  188. I always make the right move
  189. I win because I am in touch
  190. I am gentle I am kind I am heard
  191. I speak with elegance and meaning
  192. I always understand the situation and do the right thing at the right time
  193. I enjoy life
  194. I am productive
  195. I slow down and notice my environment
  196. Every day I become a better person
  197. I have a great memory
  198. I always work for win for all parties
  199. I remember people’s names
  200. I am at peace so I am positive

Why not give it a try? It takes about six to eight weeks of daily practice to get in rhythm and to maximize the benefits. Just stay with it and you will enjoy a better more healthy life.

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Thanks for your post, John. I used to do deep breathing but over time I had neglected this so am glad to have your reminder. I remember how good and relaxed I used to feel (and able to fall asleep quickly). I will get back to db today, and not neglect it again. There's always time to find for this important exercise.

Posted by cynthia | July 6, 2015 Report Violation

Hi, It is very beneficial artical. Thanks for posting

Posted by :Younas Bismil | March 14, 2015 Report Violation

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