5 Steps to Senior-Friendly Marketing

By Barbara Risto, INSPIRED Senior Living Publisher

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Tips to help businesses improve their marketing message, printed materials, website, office or store, and their interaction with seniors.

1. Senior-Friendly Ad Messaging

  • Use clear, simple language

  • Avoid industry jargon and technical terminology

  • Describe a problem seniors face that your product or service provides the solution to

  • Emphasize independence, personal growth, revitalization

  • Don`t assume all seniors are alike – dissect your market - find out what type of senior is buying your product or service, and speak to their individuality


2. Senior-Friendly Print Materials

Whether it`s your business card, brochure, door hanger or print ad, here are some rules to apply to make your print materials senior-friendly:

  • Choose high contrast. Black type on white works best. Avoid reverse type (white type on black)

  • Use bright colors

  • Use font sizes that are easy to read – 10 pt or larger

  • Use san serif fonts

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short

  • Use plenty of white space

  • Use headings, subheadings and bullets to help the reader quickly locate what they need to read

  • Use imagery that portrays seniors in a positive light.

  • Use imagery that is age appropriate. (Many seniors say they see themselves as being about 10 years younger than their actual age, so using images that represent the younger segment of your senior target market may be advantageous.)


3. Senior-Friendly Websites

  • Simplify the navigation – make it easy to find information and resources

  • Redundancy when creating links is a good thing. There should always be more than one way to get to the information one is seeking.

  • The fewer clicks needed to get somewhere, the better – every additional step you make your customer take provides a point where a customer can abandon their pursuit.

  • Use large icons

  • Avoid moving text and images. If you do use them, make sure the speed allows for easy reading and comprehension

  • Make sure anyone who comes to your site knows you protect their privacy and that you will not sell or share any info they provide you with

  • Use easy to read fonts, like san serif and make sure they are big enough to read easily

  • Create a FAQ page to answer common questions

  • Make use of video or audio presentations to visually or audibly describe how your products or services can solve a senior`s problem

  • Include testimonials from satisfied senior customers

  • Let customers know who you are – post photos and information about yourself that give customers the feeling that they know you personally.

  • Provide your address and contact information on every page

  • Add a printable map of your business location

  • Add articles containing more information about your company, industry, products and services

  • Include a ``share`` button so seniors can send the information from your site to friends or family members

  • Offer an opt-in form for newsletters or product information so you can stay in touch


4. Senior-Friendly Business Place

  • Provide ample and easy parking close by

  • Provide easy to read signage so customers can find your business

  • Monitor paths and sidewalks to ensure falls and slippage do not occur

  • Monitor heating at a comfortable setting

  • Provide adequate lighting

  • Provide handrails and seating

  • Monitor shelving and display cases for sharp corners

  • Create enough space in aisles for walkers and wheelchairs.

  • Avoid a lot of background noise, loud music

  • Protect customer privacy at the register when paying with credit cards

  • Provide the ability for customers to discuss private business out of earshot of other customers


5. Senior-Friendly Customer Meetings & Interaction

  • Does the customer need help getting seated? A place for their cane or walker?

  • Face the customer so they can clearly see your lips

  • Lower your voice but speak clearly and distinctly

  • Don’t talk too fast – but not too slowly either

  • Don`t talk down to a senior – respect their intelligence

  • Don’t confuse the customer with technical data that is not necessary

  • If you must use special terminology, take the time to explain it

  • Write down directions or important data so they can take it with them for reference

  • If something breaks or doesn`t work after you sell it, fix it – promptly and courteously

At Senior Living, we specialize in helping businesses reach senior consumers through our magazine, website and Senior Expo. We can put together a marketing campaign to fit almost every budget. Give us a call at 1-877-479-4705 or email sales@seniorlivingmag.com

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I'm a personal trainer interested in working with senior citizens in Gilbert, Az. Do you have any suggestions for contacting senior citizens who might be interested in participating in a fall prevention program? Thanks, Ernie Keith Owner of Get Fit Quick

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