Magazines vs Online - Marketing Friends or Foes?

By Barbara Risto, INSPIRED Senior Living Publisher

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If you believe everything you read on the web, you could be convinced digital is the only viable form of marketing today. So why would advertising in a magazine make any sense? In this article, we reveal how print advertising can work hand in hand with online to create a powerful campaign and overcome some of the shortcomings inherent in online marketing.

It stands to reason that digital marketing is going to be the most talked about form of advertising on the internet – after all, internet is digital.  Social media formats, like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., have been the talk for a couple years along with the emergence of other new media like Yelp, Pinterest, etc.

Many have been running out to take workshops on social media in an attempt to understand it and implement it.  But once in place (a Facebook page, Twitter account, blog, etc.,) many business owners begin to realize that the time required to execute these formats is so demanding they can’t keep up and sales really aren’t increasing.

Let’s be clear: We’re not saying that digital marketing doesn’t work. Done well, it does.  However, the cost to successfully implement it is deceptive.  Successful online marketers who offer their “get rich” programs are often not upfront about the level of training and the amount of time it takes to execute an effective online marketing campaign.

Business owners sign on to the idea, believing it’s going to be a cheap form of marketing. They are surprised to discover that to execute a successful online marketing campaign requires massive training and expertise;  hiring not just technical staff, but employees who can craft engaging copy and spend loads of time sifting through content and answering incoming messages.

A website, your most basic online calling card, can be like a drop in an ocean. Even with dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) it can still get lost among millions of websites. If you are not on the first page ranking in a Google search, users will rarely take the time to look for you on the second or third page of listings.

Is there a solution? 

At Senior Living, we recommend a combination print and online marketing approach and offer a number of options from which to choose.  We help businesses put together a print/web campaign that uses each media format to its best advantage.

Senior Living magazine is offered in both print and online format to appeal to all readers.  Our online version contains live links to our advertisers’ websites or to content they have placed on the Senior Living website.

How many times have you gone looking for an article online, only to discover it’s disappeared? You don’t have that problem with a magazine. Once it’s in ink, it’s not going anywhere – even if your copy ends up in recycling, you can still find a copy in an archive somewhere. Many can be found online in their entirety.

Magazines are considered by many as the most trusted form of media. When you read it in a magazine, the credibility factor soars. Regardless of the genre, people have a love affair with magazine – magazines are tangible, and believable. 

Magazines play a big role in driving traffic to the web.  A magazine is usually the first place people become aware of new products and services.  From there, they go to the web for more information. 

Web supports magazines by offering additional information that would otherwise take up too much space in print. The web offers quick comparisons and convenient purchasing.  It’s also where shifting conditions can be accommodated through moment to moment updates, like price or product changes, quantities, etc.

At Senior Living, we offer a variety of mixed media campaigns.

We recommend a marketing plan that uses print as the basic element, reaching up to 125,000 readers per month.  Use your print ad to send readers to your website for more information, or take advantage of our Senior Living online Business Directory. Our Ask A Professional section lets you post articles offering even more information about your products or services.  Not only will your online presence be seen by 20,000 unique visitors per month (and growing), but our strategic optimization techniques bump the content you post on our website up the search engine rankings.  Businesses have often told us their article on the Senior Living website rated higher than their own website.

Want to know more about Senior Living’s print/web campaign options? Give us a call or email us for more information.  Phone 1-877-479-4705 or email

Want more reasons to believe in magazines? 

Magazines Canada monitors the growth and strength of magazines in relation to other forms of media.  Their research shows that among those in the top 20% earning category, 85-95% prefer traditional media over digital.  Read “Death of Traditional Outlets Has Been Greatly Exaggerated.”

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