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The People I Married

By Nadine Jones on Nov 16, 2016

Twenty-eight years in Richmond and the first year in the north means thousands of weddings in very diverse places – and for very diverse people. Looking back on it, I realize how lucky I was for so many years, enjoying the privilege of being part of other people’s happiness. Read more...

Fashion Through the Ages

By Nadine Jones on Sep 30, 2011

We have all seen dresses on dogs and chinos on chimps, but over the millennia, clothing has been a uniquely human adaptation, evolving from animal skins worn by hairy cave dwellers to... well, animal skins worn by hipster café dwellers. Read more...

Planning for the Future

By Nadine Jones on Jul 29, 2011

According to statistics published in 2006 by the Public Health Agency of Canada, seniors numbered over four million - which meant that one in every seven Canadians was aged 65 or older. Read more...

Give us This Day

By Nadine Jones on May 4, 2011

The Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP) is conducted across the country every three years by Statistics Canada. Read more...

A Place to Call Home

By Nadine Jones on Feb 1, 2011

Jacqueline Hooper admits her experience in the psychiatric ward of the University of British Columbia Hospital and her recovery from abysmal depression fuelled her fire. For three decades - against the odds - she managed to obtain affordable, safe, friendly accommodation for ex-mental patients. Her tenacity changed the future for many people. Read more...

The Victoria I Remember

By Nadine Jones on Nov 1, 2010

I've lived a long life. Born on January 25th, l923, I have racked up many memories - many of them as a toddler, a young girl and then a woman in Victoria. I've expanded a lot - and so has Victoria! Read more...

Pet Therapy

By Nadine Jones on Aug 3, 2010

As long ago as 1790, Quakers in England discovered the value of the age-old bond between humans and animals when they took friendly dogs to mental asylums and found they helped to quiet the chaos. Read more...

Go North Young Man

By Nadine Jones on May 3, 2010

Most British Columbians live huddled along the 49th parallel. They jet to Hawaii or Mexico for holidays and are often unaware of the many wonders the northern part of the province has to offer. Read more...

The Float Home

By Nadine Jones on Jan 29, 2010

I wouldn't say it was moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, but it was a tremendous leap from a 5,000-square-foot log home in the northern B.C. forest to a 900-square-foot houseboat in the city. Read more...

Our Dream Home in the Forest

By Nadine Jones on Oct 2, 2009

My first challenge when we built our log house in northern B.C. was standing at the base of a 70-foot [21.3 m] cedar tree, peering up to its crown, and trying to decide whether it would look better in the living room or kitchen. Read more...

Somewhere to Sleep

By Nadine Jones on Jul 29, 2009

The issue of access to quality care in our senior years touches all of us, sooner or later. Unfortunately, increasing costs and decreasing government funding have made beds in both private and subsidized not-for-profit care facilities harder to pay for and harder to find for seniors needing these services in B.C. Read more...

How I Became a Frog

By Nadine Jones on Jun 30, 2009

It is amazing how people come together to support a worthy cause. I found that Agnes was loved up and down the Skeena River. Although never a mother herself, she fostered over 40 children. She had a huge vegetable garden from which she supplied neighbours with food. She was a wonderful teacher and she taught me many things, including how to gut a salmon, although she was a little piqued when I was squeamish. Read more...

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