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The Driverless Car - It's Here!

By William Thomas on Apr 1, 2015

So, I’m reading this newspaper article on how a fleet of amazing driverless cars will be ready to take to North American roads in less than four years. That’s right, well before the end of this decade you will be motoring down the highway in a car using its own operational system with reflexes and road etiquette way better than yours. Read more...

Dain City - The Town That Time Nearly Erased

By William Thomas on Dec 31, 2011

I’ve been reared in small towns and, as David Letterman would say, we all know how painful that can be. Dain City, Stop 19 and Wainfleet - say what you like about me, but I’m no social climber. Coming up to 65, most days I still have to clean my shoes with a stick. Read more...

Wistfully He Asked: "Ja 'Member When?"

By William Thomas on Nov 1, 2011

In a world that’s moving way too fast and mostly in the wrong direction, there seems to be a pervasive yearning for the good ol’ days, at least among those of us old enough to remember them. It seems the older you get, the stronger this sentiment is for a return to simpler times. If you’ve ever started a sentence with “Nowadays,” or “Why, when I was your age,” this stroll down memory lane is for you. Read more...

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