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A Stage for His Kingdom

By Mike Matthews on Feb 1, 2012

Most people at 91 years old, pushing 92, won’t have the same vigorous, busy and public life as in previous decades. Unless that person is like Antony Holland of Gabriola Island, formerly of Vancouver, formerly of London, England, formerly of North Africa, originally from Tiverton, Devonshire. Read more...

Island Greens

By Mike Matthews on Aug 2, 2011

When Jim Harris, retirement from teaching impending, contemplated leaving Ontario, he did some research to identify the ideal spot to accommodate him and his wife, Margaret, also a teacher, in their later years. Read more...

For Whom the Dinner Bell Tolls

By Mike Matthews on Feb 1, 2011

Throughout the Lower Mainland and across Vancouver Island retirees are hanging up home ownership in favour of easy living in residences that provide varying arrangements and degrees of care. One of the important aspects of that care inevitably includes planning, preparing and serving meals - because who doesn't love to eat? Read more...

The Lady is a Ham

By Mike Matthews on Jul 5, 2010

"If I can teach one more person in the world to be as selfish as I am, I will not have lived in vain." That's Sharron Bertchilde speaking in Nanaimo, where she is making another life, another persona for herself; another in a long line of lives. Read more...

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