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How to Be a Success

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Apr 2, 2012

In the 1980s, my husband and I started a small educational publishing business in Vancouver. We knew nothing about publishing and little about the education business. Read more...

The Art of Living Simply

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Feb 1, 2012

I just read a 200-page book by Leonard Koren on how to live simply. It is far too long. It gives me advice on how to furnish my home, how to cook, deal with my leisure time, cope with my working hours, and improve relationships - all in a wabi-sabi way. Read more...

Nostalgia in January

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Dec 31, 2011

Well, we are into the New Year and the heavy nostalgia we indulged in over the holidays has gone, or has it? At this time, looking back to the old year and past years, we often do a kind of stock-taking, a look at our life’s balance sheet. Read more...

In Vogue

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Sep 30, 2011

This year I will be 80, and my husband has just brought me home from the library, In Fashion, by Anne Marie Iverson. I guess he thought it would be about textiles and cut; he knows I am interested in those topics. It turns out to be a book about how to get a foot into the fashion business. Read more...

Balancing Your life

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Aug 31, 2011

Sometimes in my life, I feel like I am juggling six balls in the air while tightrope walking on a slack line. There is my writing life, my partnering life, my concern for adult-children life, my housekeeping life, my gardening life, my participating in the community life all to keep polished and in good shape. Read more...

My Robot House

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Aug 2, 2011

In the interest of aging in place when I’m old-old, I dream of building a house that will use cutting-edge technology. Such a home is apparently called a “smart” home, but since I haven’t been smart about much in my life, I am approaching the whole project with some caution. Read more...

Detection on Gabriola

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Dec 1, 2010

Gabriola, dubbed the "Island of the Arts' because of the many artists, performers and writers who reside there, is also home to four folks who specialize in the art of detective-story writing. Read more...

Memories Through Poetry

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Nov 1, 2010

As a writer, when I have a new book out it means that my publisher requires me to go on the road for promotional purposes. So, recently, I found myself reading at a local library. A poetry group was meeting and I had been invited to join them. I expected the usual modest crowd elbowing each other to go on first and read their newly-minted poems. It didn't turn out that way. Read more...

Lovely Old Biddy

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Aug 26, 2010

My publisher wrote to me before my latest book, *Book Ends: a year between the covers*, came out to ask me whether I would mind being called that "lovely old biddy from Gabriola" on advertising copy. I said not at all, go right ahead. Read more...

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