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My Icelandic Stopover

By Julie H. Ferguson on Oct 3, 2016

I had been excited ever since I discovered that IcelandAir began flying non-stop from Canadian hubs, including Vancouver, in June 2014. Two months later, I took advantage of their generous stopover policy and explored the north and south of Iceland for 10 days en route home from Scotland. Read more...

Looking For Trouble

By Julie H. Ferguson on Dec 31, 2011

“I’m forever looking for trouble to see if I can get out of it!” Anthony Dalton chuckles. “So far, I have avoided the worst outcome, but I’ve had close calls with baboons, elephant seals and Royal Bengal tigers, to name a few. And I almost died alone in the Arctic.” Read more...

Our Intrepid Seafarer from Saint-Malo

By Julie H. Ferguson on Dec 1, 2011

I glimpse Saint-Malo from the sea just as Jacques Cartier did on his three voyages home from the New World. Cartier, who claimed Canada for France at Gaspé Bay on July 24, 1534, and explored the St. Lawrence River, was a native son of Saint-Malo, the town that has bred explorers and seafarers for over 500 years. Read more...

Ordinary yet Extraordinary

By Julie H. Ferguson on Nov 1, 2010

She can't read or write print or drive a car. She has never seen her children or a glorious sunset. She is a retired physiotherapist, an adventurous cook and addicted traveller, a skier, and a lifelong volunteer. Read more...

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