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Richard Hunt: Indigenous Artist and Elder

By James Ellsworth on Oct 3, 2017

Richard Hunt lives in a modest bungalow on a crescent in Victoria with a large workshop shed in the back. Currently, he is working on a new 15-foot totem pole in his workshop, but we met in his dining room surrounded by his various forms of art (masks, carvings, paintings) and several framed awards. Read more...

Pas de Deux

By James Ellsworth on Feb 1, 2017

David Roland and Amalia Schelhorn continue to dance through life. They both had distinguished careers in ballet as “youngsters,” performing as principal dancers in several leading classical roles. Read more...

Retooling Not Retiring

By James Ellsworth on Jun 1, 2016

Hudson left his job as news director and senior anchor with CTV, Vancouver Island in February 2014, ending a 35-year career as a broadcaster. After the initial shock, Hudson needed to take stock and retool. Read more...

Creating a Life She Loves

By James Ellsworth on Mar 1, 2016

Barbara Risto, the publisher/owner of INSPIRED Senior Living has walked the path of a caregiver, multiple times. She is a testament to being thrust into caregiver roles, as so many are; and also being able to live a fulfilling life. Read more...

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

By James Ellsworth on Dec 31, 2011

Juvenal, the Roman writer, used the motto, mens sana in corpore sano, meaning a sound mind in a healthy body. John Locke, the English philosopher, said “if you had those two elements in your life, you would have little else to wish for.” Taking care of the mind and the body are imperative for seniors aiming for fitness and leisure fulfillment. And it seems that the B.C. coast is a great area to practise those strategies. Read more...

Changing Gears

By James Ellsworth on Feb 28, 2011

Entrepreneurship implies a struggle: taking an idea, starting a venture often involving employees, producing or selling, and making it become successful. Read more...

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