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Confessions of a Cruise Convert

By Kate Robertson on Oct 2, 2017

I was starting to second guess why I would leave The Crane, a beautiful, luxury resort, to take my chances at sea. It would be my first cruise, and I knew what could happen out there – I’d seen Titanic, after all. Read more...

Unplugging at the Spa

By Kate Robertson on Jul 1, 2017

When a friend suggested it was time to see what a week at a spa could do for my health, I found myself at Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico (an hour from San Diego). Read more...

Hooked on Okanagan Icewines

By Kate Robertson on Jul 1, 2017

Whoever said that wine is the nectar of the gods must have been talking about icewine. As British Columbians, we are fortunate to have local access in the Okanagan to some of the best icewines in the world. Read more...

Island Adventure: Cape Breton Style

By Kate Robertson on Apr 3, 2017

I’m snuggled in a comfy chair in a (stranger’s) living room, listening to some of the best toe-tapping fiddle music I’ve ever heard. It’s at this point that I get that I-want-to-live-in Cape Breton sensation – the feeling of community here is beguiling. Read more...

Grandtravelling: Machu Picchu

By Kate Robertson on Mar 16, 2017

Intergenerational travelling or grandtravelling, as it’s sometimes called, is becoming increasingly popular. According to Despina Gakopoulos, public relations representative for Road Scholar, “Travelling and spending more time with grandchildren are most often at the top of the list of things people want to do when they have more free time. Read more...

Off to Great Places

By Kate Robertson on Feb 2, 2017

Most people consider moving house one of their least favourite things to do. Not so for Nell Plotnikoff, who made a move last year from Nelson to Maple Ridge. Read more...

Go Guided

By Kate Robertson on Sep 1, 2016

The Greek fabulist, Aesop, said “travel is worthwhile,” and nobody understands this better than Collette, a family-owned business that offers guided tours to all seven continents. Read more...

Hands in the Dirt

By Kate Robertson on Aug 2, 2016

A significant number of Canadians say gardening is a hobby they are passionate about. Victoria Carleton of Slocan Valley, BC, has taken it one step further. Read more...

The Sisterhood of Motorcycles

By Kate Robertson on Jul 1, 2016

According to Greer Stewart, founder of the Canadian Women’s Day Ride, the rate of women motorcyclists is increasing dramatically every year, and based on the current trend, should reach 50 per cent of riders in the next five to 10 years. Read more...

Hiking the Kumano Kodo: A Pilgrimage with a Twist

By Kate Robertson on Jun 1, 2016

When a Walk Japan tour to hike part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail arose, I jumped at the chance, not because I particularly thought it would be a “real” pilgrimage, but because it was a trip that would combine two of my passions, exploring new places and physical activity. Read more...

More Than Just Dinosaurs

By Kate Robertson on Apr 1, 2016

As Canadians, usually when we want a good dose of history we travel to Europe or Asia, but a recent trip to the Badlands in southeastern Alberta proved to me that we have some rich history of our own worth exploring. Read more...

Feeling Like 40

By Kate Robertson on Mar 1, 2016

Bike, hike, ski, run. We want to do it all forever, right? As I found out, hyaluronic acid (HA), a protein normally produced by cartilage tissue in joints and found in the joint’s synovial fluid, can help us do just that. Read more...

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