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To Be (without the "Shoulds")

By Capitola on Apr 4, 2014

As a new immigrant, a French Canadian friend some 10 years my senior warned me to be aware and not succumb to the “shoulds” that people will try to place on me. She raised her hands to indicate inverted commas when saying the words. Read more...

A Beautiful Tan

By Capitola on Feb 28, 2014

In earlier civilizations stories were passed on verbally; today we have the printed version and the recall button. Pressing recall for most of us can mean happiness, sadness or a mixture of both. Read more...

Winter: Snow Bunny vs Sunny Bunny

By Capitola on Dec 9, 2013

“Grandma, you are a sunny bunny: Papa and I are snow bunnies” It is with honour that I accepted this title from my grandson. I am indeed a sunny bunny. Born in tropics where the weather is mostly sunshine and rain which does not last. They were showers, some heavy downpours but then it was back to the sunshine. You could count on it. Read more...

Not for Christmas!

By Capitola on Dec 9, 2013

New to the country and to estate life in the late 1960's on a sugar estate in Guyana, Ann was welcomed by the local staff. People were friendly and as warm at the tropical sun. Bob, her husband, had accepted the job on a sugar estate owned and operated by Booker Bros, an English company. Read more...

Why Not?

By Capitola on Oct 4, 2013

The spoken word, the intonation, the facial expressions and words spoken in a language that is not one’s first language can confuse and convey things not intended and lead to so many misunderstandings. Read more...

Pink Snow

By Capitola on Sep 24, 2013

Written for my daughter who lives in Kitsilano and coined the phrase - Pink Snow as she enjoyed the Flowering Cherry Trees in Vancouver. Read more...

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