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A Self-Reliant Man

By Hans Tammemagi on Apr 21, 2017

A large maple — we call him the Captain — commands the backyard and provides welcoming shade for our deck. His leafy limbs rise high above our two-storey house and his girth and rugged character suggest solidity and permanence. Read more...

The Price of Freedom

By Hans Tammemagi on Nov 1, 2016

At 95, former Flying Officer Howard R. Armstrong lives quietly in Victoria, BC. Although he moves slowly and has hearing problems, he is an iconic gentleman, one of the few veterans of the Second World War still with us. Read more...

Attached to Nature

By Hans Tammemagi on May 1, 2016

An elephant with a deeply creased grey hide, flapping ears the size of blankets, and menacing tusks loomed before me. The dry heat and dust of Africa rose around us. I was nervous and felt vulnerable, even though I was only standing in front of a painting. Read more...

Heart-driven Hippy

By Hans Tammemagi on May 1, 2016

If there is one word that sums up the irrepressible Valdy, it is “energy.” The smiling, impish, red-suspendered septuagenarian is constantly on the go. Read more...

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