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Exploring the Mani Peninsula: Greece's Medieval Past

By W. Ruth Kozak on Feb 29, 2012

Once part of the powerful Spartan kingdom, the Mani Peninsula of the south Peloponnese is a rich geological and cultural area, and often overlooked by travellers to Greece. The spine of the peninsula is part of the great mass of Mount Taiyetos, which terminates at Cape Tenano, the mythical entrance to the Underworld. Read more...

A Town Lost in Time

By W. Ruth Kozak on Jun 28, 2011

Port Townsend is a town caught in a time warp. As I drive off the ferry from Whidbey Island, I feel as though I'm taking a giant step back into the past. Read more...

Music Makes the World a Better Place

By W. Ruth Kozak on Feb 1, 2011

Sue Malcolm's life is full of music. Since she was a child, brought up in a musical family, Sue has been singing and playing an instrument. She learned to sing while harmonizing in the school choir and listening to the Beatles. Read more...

Queen of Missions

By W. Ruth Kozak on Sep 1, 2009

Santa Barbara, California is a city of whitewashed Spanish style buildings with red tile roofs tucked between the mountains and sea. The palm-lined streets and long stretch of white sandy beach give it an exotic allure. Some call it the American Riviera. No palms lined the beaches and boulevards when the Spanish came, nor were there wooded hillsides. Read more...

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