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Control the Symptoms of Aging

By Eve Lees on Aug 1, 2017

The scientist who developed the “free-radical” theory of aging passed away in November 2014. Denham Harman was years ahead of his time when he claimed, in 1954, that aging is just another disease that could be managed and controlled. Read more...

Get Healthier While You Sleep

By Eve Lees on Apr 3, 2017

Studies show sleep deprivation can affect our memory, reaction time, judgment, the ability to reason logically, mathematical and verbal skills, and the ability to handle stress. Read more...

Exercising Your Personality

By Eve Lees on Aug 3, 2016

Choose an activity suited to your personality. You're more likely to enjoy it and therefore stick with it longer. Most of us realize this, but character traits are often overlooked when we're searching for exercise choices. Read more...

Protein Needs as You Age

By Eve Lees on May 1, 2016

Aging can negatively affect muscle mass and strength, but that’s not a big concern for older adults who remain active. A 75-year-old who continues to exercise and eat healthy can have more muscle and muscular strength than a sedentary 45-year old. Read more...

Good Posture for Good Health

By Eve Lees on Feb 1, 2016

Poor posture, however, can create health problems. It can impede breathing, blood circulation, digestion, organ functions and overall alertness. Here are a few tips to help you practice good posture. Read more...

Healthy Skin & Hair Food Practices

By Eve Lees on Jan 1, 2016

Your health is most noticeable by the condition of your hair and skin. Many factors contribute to inner and outer health. The food you eat is only one of them, but a very important one. Here are a few ideas to feed your hair and skin from the inside out. Read more...

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