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By Marie Bruce on Jun 30, 2017

We read a lot about staycations or stay at home in B.C. holidays and with our ever shrinking Canadian dollar, I decided I would follow the trend and spend a few weeks up and down Vancouver Island Read more...

Haida Gwaii

By Marie Bruce on Sep 13, 2016

I love nature and wild places and I especially love Emily Carr's atmospheric paintings from her time in Haida Gwaii so I went ahead and booked my Air Canada flight to Sandspit to travel in early August 2015. Read more...

Phnom Penh – Cambodia

By Marie Bruce on Mar 18, 2015

I am one of a group of five women friends who like to travel and talk about travel. We consider ourselves young seniors and when we get together we talk about our wish list of places to visit. We decided on a tour of South East Asia for 31 days. Read more...

The Conundrum of Christmas When you Live Alone

By Marie Bruce on Dec 9, 2013

It is now early December and Christmas is approaching fast. The malls are decorated – Santa is installed and Jingle Bells are ringing. This has a very unsettling effect on me because for the first time in my life I am on my own this year. It is hard not to feel sorry for myself and I find myself harking back to Christmases past when I was part of a very large family and later on when I ran my own show with my husband and children. Where did all those year go, it was beyond my comprehension back then to think I might be alone one day at Christmas. Read more...

The Zen of Biking

By Marie Bruce on Nov 13, 2012

I was reluctant to rejoin walking groups or book clubs in fact any of the activities I normally enjoyed before George died – I didn’t have the heart to return to the normal fray of my previous life. Read more...

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