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Busting 5 Prolific Advertising Myths

By Mathieu Powell on Feb 29, 2012

After spending ten years in the field of advertising, I’ve carefully noted the difference between an effective ad campaign and a dismal failure, so a blanket statement like this one irks me because it closes off any useful examination of why an ad is or isn’t working. Read more...

Treat your Business like your Child

By Mathieu Powell on Jan 13, 2012

You are small business owners and marketers who've just come through a tough year. 2011 has seen the unfolding of the American sub-prime crisis and the European debt crises, all of which has been hard to digest - an 'economic gastro-intestinal distress' if you will. Read more...

Speaking Up

By Mathieu Powell on Mar 1, 2011

Paddy Kennedy is opening a new studio in Victoria this month called !Studio - a place where the community can rehearse their presentations, and where she will provide Life Story and Journal Writing classes for women over 50. Read more...

Mature Workers Are An Incredible Resource

By Mathieu Powell on Jun 25, 2009

Mature workers are an incredible resource. In fact, some say they are one of the biggest untapped and growing natural resources in North America today. Seniors can bring a great deal of stability to your workforce which often lacks the "life wisdom" older employees possess. Read more...

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