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A Paradise for Snowbirds

By Jane Cassie on Oct 2, 2017

Welcome Home! The inviting greeting spans the sandstone archway to the entrance of Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort, a man-made oasis in the city of Casa Grande, Arizona. Read more...

Falling for Grenada

By Jane Cassie on Jun 1, 2016

Hiking boots weren’t on my packing list when making plans for this trip to Grenada, but they sure would have come in handy while hiking the hills in Grand Etang National Park. Read more...

Carvers of the Cooks

By Jane Cassie on Mar 1, 2016

The 15 fabled Cook Islands sprinkle over two million kilometres of sapphire South Pacific, and though just west of Tahiti and south of Hawaii, they are idyllically removed from any commercialized bustle. Read more...

Passionate About Provence

By Jane Cassie on Nov 1, 2015

Castle ruins, quaint townships, country fields, rich with lavender and poppies. Boasting colourful landscapes and intriguing history, beloved Provence, in south-eastern France, has been inspiring writers (and artists) for centuries. Read more...

Snowbirding, Cottage Style

By Jane Cassie on Oct 1, 2015

Where can you book a beautiful 400-square-foot fully-equipped holiday cottage that's close to languid pools, awesome activities and ongoing entertainment for a fraction of the price of a comparable hotel stay? Read more...

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