August 2011 Vancouver Island

6 Island Greens

Retired teachers focus their efforts on an island garden.

10 Aging in Place

Helping elderly parents stay in their home longer.

12 Assisted Living

Overseeing assisted-living residences in B.C.

14 Doorbell Dilemma

Tackling a do-it-yourself home repair.

16 My Robot House

A tongue-in-cheek look at the future of homes.

21-38 Senior Housing Listings

40 Studio65

Victoria's newest art gallery features senior artists.

42 Secure Your Home

Cost-effective ways to keep your home safe.

46 Financing Your Retirement

Things to consider in your retirement budget.

48 A Grand-Family Playground

Exploring Maui for multi-generational fun.

52 A Gift of Independence

Senior Volunteers train puppies for service.

54 An Enduring Faith

Profiling author Emma Salmon-Plett.

56 Irresistible Ireland

Chasing rainbows on the Emerald Isle.


4 The Family Caregiver

60 BBB Scam Alert

61 Ask Goldie

63 Courageous & Outrageous

64 Reflections: Then & Now



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