May 2010 Senior Living Vancouver & Lower Mainland

3 Our Readers Most Likely to...

50+ Canadians lead the way in helping others and being strongly connected to community.

5 Better to Give

Whether it's time or money, people grateful for their own lives enjoy giving back.

8 Types of Charitable Gifts

Donating to charity isn't just about handing over cash; find out other ways to make an impact.

10 Keyed Up for the Piano

Passionate about music since childhood, Ellen Weiser returns to the piano a little wiser.

14 Scenic Seattle

A hop, skip and a jump away, Seattle offers interest above and below ground.

16 Go North Young Man

Aside from its obvious beauty, northern British Columbia is steeped in culture and tradition.

22 A Glimpse of Yesteryear

Kay Green returns to the old Vancouver Island sawmill that played the backdrop to her life.

24 A Woman of Infinite Variety

Whatever the arena, Patricia whittaker gets involved to affect change in her community.

30 Swifter, Higher, Stronger

Volunteer Barbara Ellsworth went to Olympic lengths to be a part of the Games.


2 The Family Caregiver

12 Forever Young

13 Between Friends

27 BBB Scam Alert

29 Ask Goldie

32 Reflections: Then & Now



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