October 2009 Senior Living Vancouver Island

4 Comox Rocks!

City-dwellers enjoy a healthful getaway filled with non-stop adventure and activity.

8 Images and Words

Poet, writer and visual artist Isa Milman uses her creative talents to connect to her family and search for her own identity.

16  The Horse Whisperer

Liz Mitten Ryan lives on a spiritual piece of property where she co-authored award-winning books - with her horses.

22 Worth the Wait

Comox Airforce Museum volunteer wins a chance of a lifetime.

26 Dream Home in the Forest

Building in a remote area can turn dream to a nightmare when a family of four moves into a schoolbus until the project is complete.

28 The Heart of the Museum

Historian Bill Blore took on the task of reorganizing the Victoria Police Museum.

36 Ginger

This versatile spice is packed with vitamins and minerals - are you getting enough?

40 Australia

Scratching the surface of the vast and fascinating land Down Under.


2  The Family Caregiver

12  Victoria's Past Revisited

24  Ask Goldie

32  BBB Scam Alert

34  Bygone Treasures

35  Courageous & Outrageous

48  Reflections: Then & Now




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