September 2010 Senior Living Vancouver Island

4 Get the Giggles

Laughter Yoga - lots of fun and no pretzel poses. 

8 Lovely Old Biddy

Poet and essayist Naomi Beth Wakan doesn't take herself too seriously. 

10 Walk this Way

Victoria Garden City Wanderers hit the trails. 

14 A Question of Capacity

Who will make health-care and personal-care decisions for you in the case of incapacity?

16 Menopause

As baby boomers age, the cultural mindset around menopause changes. 

18 Sexy Seniors 

Good sex takes time, but it's worth the effort. 

22 The Frogettes

Bonding in the pool. 

24 Poppa's Got a Brand New Knee

Chronic pain leads to surgery and extensive recovery for this avid cyclist. 

28 My 5k Run 

First place or last place - it's all about crossing the finish line. 

30 We Shall Not Rest

Volunteers cycle for a cause they believe in. 

32 A Grand Old Lady Retires

Alberni Inlet's M.V. Lady Rose sets sail for a new adventure. 


3 The Family Caregiver

20 Victoria's Past Revisited

37 Scam Alert

38 Travel

45 Courageous & Outrageous

47 Ask Goldie

48 Reflections: Then & Now


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