June 2009 - Senior Living Vancouver Island

4  Fit for the Adventure

Vic Lindal stays fit and active throughout the year, so when the adventure presents itself, he's ready to roll.

12  A Resilient Man

Disability doesn't stop Les Chan; he's always moving forward.

16  Meditation

Bring a state of mindfulness into your life with daily meditation.

18  An Olympiad of Summer Adventure

Whistler is well known among skiers, but there's also a mountain of summer fun to be explored.

22  Never Too Old for the Circus

Rocket through the air in an exhiliarating experience you won't soon forget.

26  Metamorphosis

Reluctant sailor Mary Anne Hajer takes the plunge int open waters.

30  An Enlightening Romance

History, culture, breathtaking views and even a new friend can all be found while trekking New Mexico's Rio Grande Gorge.

38  Storytellers

Everyone has a story to tell - here, you'll find a captive audience to listen to yours.

42  All Art Show in Sooke

Catch up with four artists who will participate in Sooke's three-day interactive photography, art and literary fair.

46  Confessions of an Author

Travel industry veteran Bert Ollivier developed a love-hate relationship with book publishing.



2  The Family Caregiver

10  Victoria's Past Revisited

24  Ask Goldie

32  Scam Alert

34  Bygone Treasures

36  Courageous & Outrageous

48  Reflections: Then and Now



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