March 2009 - Senior Living Vancouver Island


7  Best Man for the Job

For Community Reporter Gordie Tupper, every day is a new adventure.

12  Blind Wisdom

Tarot card reader Bill Moore learned to listen when he lost his sight.

14  Master Puppeteer

Norma Jackson found her artist stride by breathing life into her marionettes.

18  Piano Man

Victoria Broadway Chorus' Bob LeBlanc hopes performances will benefit the ALS Society, a charity close to his heart.

20  Drinking in the Beauty of Napa

Exploring California's beautiful wine country.

30  Play Together.  Stay Together.

Trying new hobbies keeps the bond of Chris and Sheelagh Carter's marriage strong.

32  The Land of Eternal Sunshine

Adventure seekers put Guatamala on their must-see lists - as tourist destination or even retirement option.

36  A Life at Sea

Growing up near the waterfront led to a life on the water for Garett Ollander.

40  Peace and Healing

Gregg Hofstad took his music on the road when retirement gave him the freedom to do so.


4  The Family Caregiver

10  Victoria's Past Revisited

23  Ask Goldie

28  Scam Alert

38  Courageous & Outrageous

39  Bygone Treasures

48  Reflections: Then and Now


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