February 2009 - Senior Living Vancouver Island


6 World Citizens

World travellers Don and Bridget Bruneski
now make Maple Bay their home.

12 Facing My Fears

Claire Wilson gets over her fear of
motorcycles to participate in the Toy
Run to Port Alberni.

14 Morning Light

Author Margaret Griffiths honours
the memory of her husband and son.

16 Into The Sunshine

Doug Marsh creates his art with
inspiration from geographical anonymities.

18 Storytelling

Singer-songwriter Judy Norbury travelled
to India to find the perfect ending to her
mother’s unpublished memoir.

28 A Thread of Hope

Ron Spector encourages Mayan artisans
to preserve their traditional methods of
weaving while receiving fair prices
for their works.

33 Integrated Health Network

A unique partnership designed to enhance
primary health care services.

34 A Retirement Home Alternative

A tongue-in-cheek look at a not-so-outlandish
retirement option.

40 An Historic American Town Lives Again

Return to the 1800s and see what life was
like in America during the Industrial

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