January 2009 - Housing Guide

What's Inside

2  The New World of Retirement
4  Making the Best of the Directory
6  Language for Living

Understanding the Directory

7  Senior Lifestyles Housing Directory

Housing Options on Vancouver Island   

22  The Smart Living Checklist
24  Assisted Living
26  Complex Care Facilities
28  Caring for the Caregiver
32  Campus of Care Facilities
33  Home Support Services Directory
34  Home Care Agencies Provide a Variety of Services
36  Aids to Daily Living     
37  Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence   
38  Adapting Your Home
39  Subsidized Care on Vancouver Island
40  Real Estate Trends Changed by 50-plus Buyers
42  The Psychology of Moving
44  Senior-Focused Realtors
46  Driving Tips for Seniors


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