December 2008 - Senior Living Vancouver / Mainland


4   HULA

Sharing a lifelong love of dance.

8   A Labour of Love

They do it for the animals at the Richmond
Animal Protection Society.

10  A Tale of Early Retirement

Island couple living a life less ordinary.

14  Platz, Portzelky and Plumi Moos

Mennonite cooking, steeped in tradition,
brings back fond childhood memories.

18  Get to Know Nanaimo

Visit one of Canada’s cultural capitals.

20  Europe by Rail

Fast, effi cient and cost-effective, there’s no
better way to see Europe.

26  We Are Gathered Here

When it comes to civil ceremonies, Marriage
Commissioner Nadine Jones has seen it all.

28  The Storyteller

Fantasy writer Eileen Kernaghan adds
an element of magic to real life.


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